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Deadline’s Contenders Television has kicked off a large-scale small-screen awards season starting Saturday morning with a weekend-long private extravaganza where stars and creators of 48 buzzing series will be seen on stage at the Paramount Theater in Los Angeles.

We believe that you, like us, got it with anything zoom-related so we are fascinated to be able to host so many great shows live and in front of you. Yet, just in case, we’re offering a virtual version of the festival in which about 150 panelists will discuss their crafts when the Emmy season begins.

Click here to register and watch the livestream.

As always, you can follow the entire weekend in person or online via Deadline’s Twitter, Facebook and Instagram channels #DeadlineContenders.

How lucky are we, anyway? The epidemic could have a profound effect on the way TV was made in 2021, but there was still a lack of programs that entertained and enlightened us. From NBC and National Geographic to HBO and Paramount + – wherever we saw them – there were new shows that served as a pleasant reminder that you don’t have to remake the old best to create new ones. But that doesn’t mean we’ve announced a fatwa on the reboot: Morgan Cooper’s main props, whose mock trailer re-imagined the sitcom of the ’90s. Fresh Prince of Bell-Air Drama leads to construction Bell Air On the peacock. We are particularly pleased to welcome star Jabari Bank to our stage this weekend; He is the extraordinary genius who took Will Smith’s very big shoes in this remake.

Are you launching Rip and Beth? Yellowstone? We have covered you; Luke Grimes (Kayce Dutton) and Jefferson White (Jimmy Hurdstrom) will be on our stage on Saturday. And if you can’t get enough of Taylor Sheridan-verse, its an impressive cast Yellowstone prequel 1883 – Tim McGraw (James Dutton), Faith Hill (Margaret Dutton), Isabel May (Elsa Dutton), Lamonica Garrett (Thomas) and Sam Elliott (Shea Brennan) will also be here.

It’s a promising year for comedy on broadcast TV: both ABC and CBS have proven that they can still smile with the new sitcom. Abbott Primary And Ghosts. Two shows are joining us, and we could not be happier with their success. And if you find your small screen entertainment boring and unexpected, we have multiple panels that showcase the strangest of the best from 2021: Yellow jacket Showtime, Death Dr. On the peacock, Hot Zone: AnthraNat Geo x, Separation On Apple TV and White lotus In HBO. (We know what you’re thinking: but wasn’t that a comedy?

Separation is always a sweet sorrow, so we made sure to pay tribute to the greats we left behind this year. Pamela Adlon will share some divisive things about her old days on FX Good thingJason will give speeches on the fourth and final season of Batman and Laura Lynne OzarkAnd Bob Odenkirk and the team will share some last words about the end Good call Saul.

Most importantly, we’re here to champion the disruptors – the shows that create stars and tell new stories that stick to our screens. Are you preparing that Emir’s speech, Pachinko? We will ask actor Jin Ha, along with executive producers Sue Hugh, Theresa Kang and Michael Ellenberg, what it feels like to be on the best new show of 2022. Michelle Obama is playing her most important character to date in the expected showtime limited series. First lady.

No one knows more than we do how much time it takes to go through all the great shows on TV these days. Who has time to walk a dog or read a book? Palm and Tommy Turns out, for Pete! That’s why from our first contest panel, we took it upon ourselves to curate the best lot for our competitors series, so you still have time for that walk with Butch. And really, no thanks. This is our privilege.

Deadline Contestant Sponsors Television: Apple TV +, Ipatiizer, Final draft, seven mysteriesAnd Mickter. Partners include: Dessalto, Film Al Ula, Four Seasons Resort Maui, Jason Mizrahi Design, ModMD, American PavilionAnd Tidley.

Here is the full schedule of both day shows and panelists, including start time (all time PT):


8 am – Livestream begins

Amazon Prime Video

8: 10-8: 28 am – Outer range

Josh Brolin (EP / Actor)

Imogen Putts (Actor)

Tom Pelfrey (actor)

Tamara Podemsky actor

Lily Taylor (actor)

8: 29-8: 49 am – With love

Gloria Calderon Kelet (creator / writer / EP / actor)

Emerwood Toubia (actor)

Mark Indelicato (actor)

Isis King (actor)

Rome Flynn (actor)

Sony Television

8: 52-9: 07 am- Cobra Kai

John Harwitz (EP)

Ralph Macio (EP / Actor)

Hayden Schlossberg (EP)


9: 10-9: 25 am – We crashed

Jared Leto (EP / Actor)

Lee Eisenberg (EP)

Drew Crevello (EP)

9: 26-9: 41 am – Separation

Ben Steeler (Director / EP)

Adam Scott (actor)

Patricia Arquette (actor)

Brit Lower (actor)

Fox Television

9: 44-9: 59 am – Welcome to Flach / The Cleaning Lady

Old William Scott (actor)

Holmes (actor)

Elody Young (actor)

Miranda Cowack (EP / Writer)


10: 02-10: 17 am – Offer

Nicki Toscano (Shorner / EP / Writer)

Miles Taylor (EP / Actor)

Giovanni RBC (Actor)

Disney Television Studio

10: 20-10: 35 am – The Wonder Years

Saladin K. Patterson (EP / Showrunner)

EJ Williams (actor)

Dule Hill (actor)

Saikan Senbloh (actor)


10: 38-10: 53 am – Ozark

Chris Mundy (Shoranar / Writer / EP)

Jason Batman (EP / Director / Actor)

Laura Lynne (Co-EP / Director / Actor)

10: 54-11: 09 am – Russian dolls

Natasha Leon (Co-Producer / Shorner / EP / Director / Writer / Actor)

Amy Pohler (co-producer / EP)

11: 10-11: 25 am – Squid game

Hwang Dong-hyuk (creator / EP / director / writer)

Park He-su (actor)

11:30 am-12: 30pm – Lunch

CBS Studios

12: 41-12: 56 pm – Ghosts

Joe Port (co-listener / author / EP)

Rose McIver (actor)

Excellent Ambudkar (Actor)

Brandon Scott Jones (actor)


1: 15-1: 30 pm – The Survivor

Barry Levinson (director / producer)

Ben Foster (actor)

AMC Network

1: 33-1: 48 pm – Call Saul

Peter Gold (Shoranar / Co-Producer / EP)

Bob Odenkark (producer / actor)

Giancarlo Esposito (actor)

Rhea Sihorn (actor)

Jonathan Banks (actor)


1: 51-2: 06 pm – Yellow jacket

Ashley Lyle (co-creator / showrunner / writer)

Karin Kusama (Director / EP)

Melanie Linsky (actor)

Towny Cypress (actor)


2: 09-2: 24 pm – Amber Rafin Show

Amber Rafin (Host / Writer / EP)


2: 30-2: 48 pm – Mayans MC

Elgin James (co-producer / EP / Shorner / director / writer)

JD Purdo (Producer / Actor)

Clayton Cardinas (actor)

Sarah Bolgar (Actor)

Actor Carla Baratta

2: 49-3: 05 pm – Snowfall

Damson Idris (producer / actor)

Paramount Network

3: 07-3: 22 pm – Yellowstone

Luke Grimes (actor)

Jefferson White (actor)


3: 25-3: 40 pm – Dopsic

Danny Strong (EP / Writer / Director)

Michael Keaton (EP / Actor)

Caitlin Dever (actor)

3: 41-4: 01 pm – The only murder in the building

Selena Gomez (EP / Actor)

Martin Short (EP / Actor)

John Hoffman (EP / Writer)

Steve Martin (writer / actor)

4: 11-5: 11 pm – Cocktail reception


8 am – Livestream begins

Amazon Prime Video

8: 10-8: 30 am – Harlem

Tracy Oliver (creator / EP / author)

Megan Good (actor)

Jerry Johnson (actor)

Shonika Shandai (Actor)

Grace Byers (actor)

8: 31-8: 51 am – as we see

Jason Katimus (Shorner / Writer / EP)

Rick Glassman (actor)

Sue Ann Pien (actor)

Albert Ruteki (actor)

Sosi Bacon (actor)


8: 54-9: 09 am – Late night with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers (host / writer)

National Geographic

9: 12-9: 27 am – Hot Zone: Anthrax

Tony Goldwin (actor)

Daniel Day Kim (actor)


9: 30-9: 45 am – Good thing

Pamela Adlon (Creator / Writer / Director / EP / Actor)

9: 46-10: 01 am – Dave

Dave Bird (co-producer / EP / writer / actor)

Jeff Schaefer (co-producer / EP)

Gata (Consultant / Actor)


10: 07-10: 22 am – White lotus

Murray Bartlett (actor)

Connie Britton (actor)

Alexandra Dadario (actor)

Sidney Sweeney (actor)

10: 23-10: 38 am – Time of Conquest: Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Max Borenstein (Shoraner / EP / Author)

John C. Riley (actor)

Quincy Isaiah (actor)

10: 39-10: 54 am – Sex life of college girls

Mindy Calling (Creator / Author / EP)

Justin Noble (creator / listener / author / EP)


10: 57-11: 12 am – Stranger things

Matt Duffer (creator / EP / director / writer)

Ross Duffer (creator / EP / director / writer)

Winona Ryder (actor)


11: 15-11: 30 am – Bright valley

Jeff Astroff (co-producer / listener)

Courtney Cox (producer / actor)

Greg Kinner (actor)

Mira Cervino (actor)

11: 31-11: 46 am – Blindspotting

Rafael Castle (co-producer / shorner / writer / director / actor)

Jasmine Cephas Jones (Actor)

David Diggs (co-creator / EP / author)

Helen Hunt (actor)

Warner Bros. TV

11:49 am-12:04 pm – DMZ

Ernest Dickerson (Director / EP)

Rosario Dawson (actor)


12: 07-12: 25 pm – 1883

Tim McGraw (actor)

Faith Hill (actor)

Isabel May (actor)

Lamanica Garrett (actor)

Sam Elliott (actor)

12: 30-1: 30 pm – Lunch

CBS Studios

1: 41-1: 56 pm – Star Trek: Picard

Patrick Stewart (EP / Actor)


1: 59-2: 14 pm – Pachinko

Sue Hugh (EP)

Theresa Kang (EP)

Michael Ellenberg (EP)

Jin Ha (actor)

2: 15-2: 30 pm – Tell the truth

Octavia Spencer (EP / Actor)

Ron Cephas Jones (actor)


2: 33-2: 48 pm – Bell Air

Morgan Cooper (Director / Co-Writer / EP)

Rashed Newson (Co-Listener / Writer / EP)

Jabari Banks (Actor)

Cassandra Freeman (actor)

Sony Television

2: 51-3: 06 pm – Afterparty

Chris Miller (EP)

Phil Lord (EP)

Tiffany Hadish (actor)

Sam Richardson (actor)

UCP / Pickup

3: 12-3: 27 pm – Dr. Death

Patrick McManus (Shoranar / EP)

Maggie Kylie (Director / EP)

Joshua Jackson (actor)

Christian Slater (actor)


Afternoon 3: 30-3: 45 – Women of the movement

Marissa Joe Serar (Creator / Shoranar / EP / Author)

Adrian Warren (actor)


3: 48-4: 03 pm – First Lady

Kathy Schulman (Shoranar / EP)

Susan Bear (Director / EP)

Viola Davis actor


4: 06-4: 21 pm – The last day of Ptolemy Gray

Walter Mosley (creator / author)

Samuel L. Jackson (actor)

Disney Television Studio

4: 24-4: 39 pm – Abbott Primary

Quinta Brunson (creator / writer / EP / actor)

Randall Ainhorn (EP / Director)

Justin Halpern (EP / Writer)

Patrick Schumacher (EP / Writer)


4: 42-4: 57 pm – Palm and Tommy

Seth Rosen (EP / Actor)

Lily James (actor)

Sebastian Stan (actor)

4: 58-5: 13 pm – Dropout

Liz Merioweather (Creator / EP)

Amanda Sefrid (Producer / Actor)

New Andrews (actor)

5: 13-6: 25 pm – Cocktail reception

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