2022 GRAMMYS was full of memorable performances that kept us entertained

Of course, the focus of 2022 GRAMMYS was on the winners (and sometimes losers) but what made our house dance and entertain all night was the memorable performance. From the legendary Nas to Justin Bieber slowing down on the piano with some of his classics, the 2022 GRAMMYS performance had something for everyone!

Starting the show on an energetic note, Silk Sonic officially started the party with the funky single ‘777’ from their album, which had a different flavor from the group who killed it with slow jam. The crowd was at their feet, as Bruno Mars (guitar) and Anderson Pak (drums) set the tone for the night – and we were right with them.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to see the stage close to Lil Nas X 2022 GRAMMYS, as her performance consisted of a few hits from her hit album ‘Montero’. He first took to the stage to do crowd work with ‘Call Me By Your Name’ and then brought in Jack Harlow, the special guest for ‘Industry Baby’.

A little later in the night, a legend arrives on stage and why he is one of the GOAT of hip hop, because it’s time for Nass to serve a medal on one of his hits. Starting her set with the inspirational ‘I Can’, she transformed into the soul-stirring ‘One Mike’ before finishing things off with her latest single ‘Rare’.

Although his hit ‘Peaches’ is a funny and flirtatious, exuberant melody, Justin Bieber surprisingly cut things off with a piano version of the song that showed his voice. However, once he brings out Givon and Daniel Caesar, he brings the fun back to 2022 GRAMMYS.

We certainly had a great time and were enlightened all night!

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