64th Grammy Deadline for Spotlight Situation in Ukraine via Special Segment

The recording academy is partnering with Global Citizen and the global “Stand Up for Ukraine” campaign in a special section at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, to raise awareness about the situation in the country after the Russian invasion.

The news follows Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky following an appeal to the international community on behalf of its citizens, who have been displaced and injured in the war, to take part in an online social media rally on April 9, which will support them. Forced to flee the country. “I invite everyone: musicians, actors, athletes, businessmen, politicians, everyone,” Zelensky said. “Everyone who wants to join the movement and stand up for Ukraine.”

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau played a leading role in hosting the “Stand Up for Ukraine” Commitment Summit on April 9 to help raise funds to support humanitarian efforts for Global Citizen Ukraine, a partner of the Recording Academy. , And to show support for refugees everywhere. Hundreds of world-renowned musicians and artists have pledged to join social gatherings around the world and called on world leaders to be committed to helping refugees.

“We are heartbroken to see the situation in Ukraine, yet we are inspired by the resilient attitude that exists there every day,” said Harvey Mason Jr., CEO of the Recording Academy. [Grammys] The segment inspires our global audience to get involved in supporting this critical humanitarian effort. “

“History has shown us that conflict and poverty are closely linked, weakening the rule of law, slowing economic growth and often leading to catastrophic humanitarian conditions. There is no doubt that the conflict in Ukraine has led to a humanitarian crisis – members of Global Citizen have seen it for themselves on the Ukrainian-Polish border, “said Hugh Evans, CEO of Global Citizen. “Millions have fled their homes, millions are on their way. Global Citizens has a history of responding quickly to humanitarian crises, and this is no different. We call for an immediate end to the crisis, and for immediate funding to support refugee relief efforts, not just in Ukraine but around the world. “

The 64th Annual Grammy Awards are airing tomorrow MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas 8 pm ET / PT, red carpet coverage starts one hour earlier. Daily showIts Trevor Noah is returning as host for the second year in a row.

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