90% of the industry is expected to appear in person at Cannes Film Fest – deadlines

The Cannes Film Festival says it expects the presence of private art in its 2022 edition to be “much higher than last year”, with most delegates visiting.

Last year, French Fest registered a total of 10,000 registrations for its market, which is roughly divided between on-site and online presence. This was consistent with the total 2020, when the event was completely digital due to the lockdown, with 10,000 professionals registering for the virtual market.

In 2019, more than 12,500 industry representatives saw the jet in the pre-coveted, Can Riviera. Currently, registration numbers are being tracked below 2019, but the fest is expected to make a last-minute decision amid the degree of ongoing uncertainty.

Jerome Pillard, who is ready to oversee his final March du Film before handing over the keys to Guillaume Esmiol, told Deadline that this year the event predicted a virtual presence of only 10% of delegates, with the rest traveling to France.

Pillard added that the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany are expected to lead the international presence at the fest as usual. Another area that could see a significant increase in Riviera this year is Asia, although major Asian countries still have significant travel bans.

In March, the chief noted that the rules had recently become less stringent in several Asian countries, echoed by companies that contacted deadlines to see if they were planning to join this year.

Albert Lee, director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival, told Deadline that the appetite for Asian markets was “obvious”.

Hong Kong is operating a ‘zero-covid’ policy, but restrictions are slowly being relaxed and new rules from 1 April make it technically feasible to travel to Cannes. However, with a seven-day quarantine at the hotel once you get back to town, it won’t be easy.

Despite that hurdle, Lee said his team plans to have a physical presence in the ear and “everyone is eager to go”, although it is “rigid and logistically challenging”.

Raymond Fathanavirgun of the Bangkok-based Southeast Asia fiction film lab SEAFIC says he plans to travel to London at the end of April and then to France. Elsewhere, a delegation from the Busan International Film Festival is expected to attend.

For China, which maintains some stringent restrictions, Can predicts a “significant drop” from the number of pre-epidemic appearances, but the country will still be represented by a pavilion in the international village, where about 12 Chinese companies are expected. Attended.

Mongolia is the first Asian country to send an official delegation to Cannes. The country is forming a new film commission and will send delegates to France for the festival.

This week, airlines, including EasyJet, were hit by ear-based MIPTV travel disruptions after canceling hundreds of flights at the last minute, citing staff-related shortages. The Cannes Film Festival may still be more than a month away, but the unexpected nature of the virus lends an extra edge of uncertainty to the travel plan.

The 2022 edition of the Cannes Film Festival will run May 17-28.

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