‘A hero’ theft verdict is not final, Asghar Farhadi lawyer says – deadline

Conviction in the theft case against Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi is not the final verdict of the court, the filmmaker’s lawyer said. Farhadi is involved in this case HeroWhich won the Cannes Grand Prix last year and was nominated by Iran for the International Feature Film category at the Academy Awards.

Azadeh Masihzadeh, a former student of Farhadi, has accused the filmmaker of stealing the idea. Hero From his documentary All winners are all losers. The dock was created during a workshop supervised A separation And Salesman Author.

Farhadi’s lawyer, Kaveh Rad, wrote on Instagram today that the investigator in the case denied Masihjadeh’s allegations about the film’s revenue sharing. Misleading, however, are reports that Farhadi has been convicted of theft and the verdict is binding. Rudd writes (translated from Persian) that “the decision is not the final judgment of the court and is considered part of the judicial process and in the continuation of the judicial process, the case will be re-examined first in the second criminal court and then in the appellate court.”

Meanwhile, local media reports that the Tehran Culture and Media Court “considered the documents and reasons given by Mr. Farhadi for the crime and his commission to be sufficient and issued a final order to summon Mr. Farhadi.” Justice. “

The summons, according to the local press, is a decision that the judicial authorities of the prosecutor’s office issue after a guilty investigation. The summons was then sent to the second criminal court to decide and determine the amount of punishment. The result of the summons is that the accused has to appear in the criminal court to investigate the allegation.

Radd added that he hoped the decision would be violated during a high-level trial by referring the matter to an expert and seeking the expert opinion of professors and experts on copyright.

Masihzadeh also told local media that Farhadi had filed a defamation suit against him, but the allegations were denied.



Hero Rahim (Amir Jadidi), centered around a man imprisoned for unpaid debts, who, during a short vacation, returns a newly discovered handbag filled with gold coins to its rightful owner without using the money to pay his arrears. Writer-director Farhadi recently told Deadline that he had “read such stories in the newspapers for some time … of ordinary people, who were briefly headlined for their philanthropic work. These stories often had a general specialty.” Hero Wasn’t inspired by a specific news item, but writing it, I think this was the story.

According to ABC News, Farhadi brought a list of newspaper quotes to a workshop in Tehran’s Karnameh where Masihjadeh was a student. Karnameh manager Negar Eskandarfer told ABC that all the students in that class then found their assigned characters and worked on the documentary by telling their stories. But Masihzadeh claims he found his story himself, focusing on a single father who is in prison for financial reasons and who found a purse filled with money during the holidays and how returning the purse affected his life.

Deadline has reached the delegates.

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