‘A strange loop’ cancels first Broadway preview due to covid – deadline

A strange loop, Michael R. Jackson’s Pulitzer Prize-winning musical has canceled its first Broadway preview, which was originally scheduled for tomorrow, due to the company being identified as Covid. The preview is expected to begin now, April 7, with those studying in some roles at the Lyceum Theater.

The show has become the second Broadway production in a few weeks to cancel the show due to Covid. Last week, the producer said Macbeth Production was suspended due to what they said was that a limited number of covid cases starring Daniel Craig and Ruth Nega had been identified; Star Daniel Craig was widely reported to be one of the cases.

Its performance MacbethThe Longacre Theater, currently on Thursday, has been canceled until April 7, with an expected return on April 8. Macbeth April 28 is set to officially open.

Open night for A strange loop Scheduled for April 26. Directed by Stephen Brackett, with choreography by King Feder Kelly, A strange loop Star Jaquel Spivey, her Broadway debut as Usher, has been described by the production as “a Black, the queer writer is writing a musical about a black man, the queer writer is writing a musical about a black, weird writer … ”The play won the Jackson 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Also in the cast are Antwen Hopper, L. Morgan Lee, John-Michael Liles, James Jackson, Jr., John-Andrew Morrison and Jason VC. Students include Edwin Bates, Kyle Rama Freeman, John-Michael Reese, and Mars Rocker.

The Omicron variant has been canceled due to the growing experience in the case of New York City Covid due to the spike of BA.2. Although New York City’s daily cases have increased on average, hospital admissions and deaths have steadily declined.

Broadway recently reaffirmed its commitment to maintain the Covid protocol of vaccine and mask mandate until at least April 30.

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