After the video, Chloe and Haley Bailey show their opposite reaction to Trend A

The Bailey sisters were sewn up by Twitter users early Friday. As the Internet often does, it has received a throwback video featuring Chloe and Hal. Back when they were frequent on their joint Instagram, Bailey Talent often hosted live sessions with fans. Well, Haley and Chloe claimed a trending spot after showing their opposite reaction to a crying fan.

In just over a minute and a half, the Bailey Sisters reflected on their hit roles on the ABC show. Big-ish. Chloe was giving Jazz Foster too much, while Hall had Sky Down. If you know, you know!

The viral clip begins with a young fan talking in tears. It’s not clear how old or long the video is or exactly why the fan was crying – it could be fans’ love or personal interruption. But one thing that was crystal clear was how each Bailey woman reacted to the same situation. Some online users have even pointed out the astrological signs of the sisters Star lovers think the video shows Cancer in Hale Chloe and Aries.

Tears and laughter

At the top of the clip, Haley tilts her head to the side and rests the palm of her hand, telling fans “We love you and we thank you for joining.” Chloe, meanwhile, clutches her hand to her mouth before answering, “Oh my God, I’m sending you so much love.” He continued, “Whatever you’re going through, you’ve got it, don’t worry.”

In the midst of crying, the fan replied, “Okay, thank you very much.”

“You’re so sweet you’re going to make me cry,” Chloe added. “It will be fine.”

At this moment, tears of anxiety and real life danced across Chloe’s face. Still, Haley leaned her head to the side and smiled. After the fan call ended, Chloe revealed that it had “confused him” and Hall’s answer was “why” sending the author to the moon.

Go ahead and give the Bailey sisters a gift of a smile:

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