Alabama Governor K. Ivy has signed several anti-transgender bills

As anti-transgender youth laws continue across the country, the state of Alabama has officially made its own. It has just been confirmed that Alabama Governor K. Ivy has just signed multiple anti-transgender bills that have a direct impact on the state’s youth — and the response to his decision has already reached a large scale.

Alabama Governor K. Ivy is the latest head of state to be named Firm position Regarding transgender youth, he recently signed into law a new bill courtesy of the trio. Montgomery’s adviser reports that Governor Ivy has signed Bill SB 184, which formally prohibits doctors from giving adolescents age blockers and hormones, and if they do, they could face up to 10 years in prison. She also signed HB 322, which forces transgender young people to use the designated gender bathroom at birth. After all, Ivey Alabama has banned all discussions on “sexual orientation or gender identity” from kindergarten to fifth grade in elementary school that are “age-appropriate or development-appropriate,” the bills say.

Speaking about his highly controversial decision, K. Ive said in a statement: “Our young people face very real challenges, especially with today’s social pressures and modern culture. I firmly believe that if the good Lord makes you a boy, then you are a boy, and if He makes you a girl, then you are a girl. “

As expected, and in record time, the American Civil Liberties Union, Alabama ACLU, Lambda Legal and Transgender Law Center said they already have plans to file lawsuits as soon as the bills go into effect, within the next 30 days.

In addition, Shruti Swaminathan, the attorney representing Lambda Legal, issued a heinous statement condemning Governor Ivy:

“The Alabama Legislature and Governors need to consider the time and resources they will invest in Ivy, not to mention the gaps that often mean lost opportunities and investments, and ask yourself if it is really worthwhile to target children’s health care because transgender youth in Alabama, We are ready to make that investment to protect their families and their doctors. “

Responding to criticism of the ban on sex orientation and gender identity teaching at the primary school level, Ive said, “We are talking to five-year-olds for crying out loud. We need to focus on the important things – the basics like reading and math. “

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