Alexis Sky shared a message about her borders

Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! When it comes to Alexis Sky, he has his say. Whether it’s a tweet or a quote re-posted, the reality star will make a statement Earlier today, she took to her Instagram story to share a message about boundaries and cut out people who no longer serve any purpose in her life.

The post reads, “When I say I just fall for people because year after year I let everything slide, but now I have boundaries. You can’t talk to me. You don’t get a smile on my face and secretly despise me. You can no longer gossip to me “innocently” through jokes.

It continued, “You can’t use me. One thing about it, action does not lie. I was too busy trying to keep the peace, and that’s where I disrespected myself. I deserve the love I give freely to everyone around me. “


Alexis stays out of drama and concentrates on her business. Recently her business, Girls in Charge LLC, had a boss bae branch in Atlanta, Georgia. Alexis shared a few moments from the event on Instagram and it looks like, from the comments, the women who were present had a great time.

Alexis and her business partner, Brianna Destiny, appeared on a panel with other successful black women during the event. Some Mz included. Skittles, who ran B. Simon and North Carolina realtor Charity Loves. One of the participants commented on Alexis’s page, “I’m so proud of you. The Ultimate Boss Buddy. What an amazing event. So inspiring. I met some beautiful spirits yesterday. Thank you all.”

Roommates, leave a comment and let us know what boundaries you set this year?

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