Amber Hard Sound off before Johnny Depp defamation trial – deadline

Johnny Depp’s multi-million dollar defamation suit against Amber Hard is set to begin on Monday. But before the fireworks started, Amber Hard gave her Instagram followers a taste of her mood.

This means that his attorneys can argue that he deserves immunity before a hard jury – and that this reduces a large part of Depp’s legal strategy.

Depp has previously claimed that Hard “is not a victim of domestic violence, he is a criminal,” accusing Depp of valuing him for his lucrative role in the possible relaunch of the WaPo op-ed in the Spring 2019 lawsuit. Pirates Suffrage by Disney.

Both Depp and Hard have faced ups and downs in this regard.

Hard sued and moved to California to sue Depp before retorting in September 2020. After losing his UK defamation suit against Rupert Murdoch The sun After the tabloids called her “Wife Beater” in November 2020 (an appeal was rejected in March 2021), Depp also fell short of wanting to see Hardy’s Big-Box countersuit thrown off in January 2021.

Dominic Patten contributed to this report.

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