Amy Pohler and ‘Scout Eye’ producer Scout to adapt to ‘Swedish gentle art’

Amy Pohler and Peacock are cleaning the house.

NBCU streamer orders a non-scripted series based on Margareta Magnason’s book The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning.

Parks and Recreation star Pohler will produce through his paper kite production Quier I. The producer will describe the scout production, and the series.

The hour-long Transformation series features people who are in a big bend and need to discipline their homes and lives. A Swedish “Death Cleaner” will help organize and unravel home, life and relationships, allowing us to be ready for death while enjoying life

Swedish Death Cleaners will turn every home upside down as they unveil and undo decades of collections. With their unique Swedish sensibilities, they free each person from the chaos of their lives, and allow them to pass on their precious memories – and the deep personal stories behind them – to their family, friends or neighbors. Along the way, visitors will travel with each person as they think about who they were, discover who they should be, and navigate how they want to be remembered.

The book was published in 2018 by Scribner.

The series is produced by Scout Productions, Paper Kite Productions and Universal Television Alternative Studios.

This is the latest non-scripted series for Pohler, who produced and co-hosted the NBC series. It’s made.

Scout Productions features David Collins, Michael Williams, Rob Eric and Renata Lombardo, authors Margareta Magnson, Jane Magnson, Stephen M. Morrison, Faye Stapleton and Suzanne Leah, as well as Pohler and her production partner Kate Arend.

“We are thrilled to be working with Scout talent creators on such a life-saving project,” said Amy Pohler. “Swedish Death Cleaning reminds us to focus on the really important things, and we couldn’t find a better team for this trip than the Peacock and the Incredible Scout team.”

“The combination of working with Amy Pohler and her team, the fantastic people in Scout Productions, is something you dream of, and I’m so glad this dream came true for us,” added Rod Isa, EVP, Unscripted Content, NBCUniversal Television and Streaming. “In this series, viewers will be taken on an honest and passionate journey as they will see every day people overcome their worst fears and discover who they really are inside. We hope that our sympathetic and dynamic series will start a conversation within each family and break the stigma surrounding the hard reality of mortality and abandonment of things. “

“You rarely find a part of this particular IP. A true career highlight is being able to make it into a format with humor and heart with humorous talent like Amy Pohler. What a full-circle moment to bring a splash series to Peacock almost twenty years later Quirre Eye for straight people Launched in Bravo. Quier I. The way we look at life has been reshaped, and the decent art of Swedish Death Cleaning will change the way we look at death, “said David Collins, co-founder and executive producer of Scout Productions.

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