Amy Schumer referred to Will Smith as “Ali” during the stand-up show – Deadline

“I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but Will Smith slapped Chris Rock,” Amy Schumer told the crowd in her first post-Oscar stand-up gig over the weekend, not surprising anyone. “Did you read that in your newsfeed?”

According to Vanity Fair, the comic and Oscar co-host Smith rarely do anything to hide their frustration, which he referred to as “Ali” during his show. Smith starred in a 2001 biopic of Mohammad Ali But.

Appearing at the Mirage Theater in Las Vegas on Saturday, Schumer said, “I was feeling myself … and then all of a sudden, Ali was making his way. And it was just af * cking bummer. I can only say that it was really sad, and I think it says a lot about toxic masculinity. It was really annoying, but I think the best way to comfort myself would be to tell Oscar jokes that I wasn’t allowed to tell on TV. “

Schumer then started a series of jokes which he said that through the comic set-up, the lawyers forbade him to speak during the Oscar broadcast. Jokes, some referring to Joe Rogan and James Franco, include a Rust Shooting set. “Don’t look up The name of a movie? Don’t look at the barrel of a shotgun like Alec Baldwin, ”he said.

“I was not allowed to say that, but you can come [slap] Someone, “he quipped.

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