Amy Schumer’s story backstage vibe after Will Smith’s Oscar slap

Amy Schumer remembers backstage vibe after Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

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The inner scoop. Amy Schumer He was open about how he felt later Will Smith Slap Chris Rock At the Oscars – and behind the scenes, Vibe reveals what it was like.

“I’ll just say, I was backstage and I knew I had to go out,” he said Life and Beth The star, 40, said at a time on Wednesday, April 6, appearance See what happens to Andy Cohen. “I was the only host who went out alone after that. It really felt like a comedy situation room, you know. “

The Black men Star, 53, walking on stage and slapping Live Saturday night alum, 57, after making a joke about rock Jada Pinkett SmithCut hair closely. When the “Miami” rapper returned to his seat, he shouted, “Put my wife’s name out of your mouth!”

Andy Cohen The comedian was asked what he thought about getting standing congratulations from the audience when Smith received his Best Actor trophy later in the evening. The Destroy the train The actress did not share her personal feelings about the moment, but she did indicate that everyone behind the stage was at a loss as to what to do after the actor’s victory.

“It simply came to our notice then. And then he won, “The I’m feeling great Star Bravo told Axis, 53K. “Everyone had a kind of floor with the whole thing. And I was just thinking, ‘What am I going to do when I get there?’

Schumer, who co-hosted the Oscars Wanda Sykes And Regina Hall, When he returned to the stage after Smith’s acceptance speech, he tried to spread excitement with a joke. “I came out of that Spider-Man outfit. Did I miss something? “He joked.” For example, there’s a different feeling here. “

During his speech, d King Richard The star addresses the conflict directly. “I’m being called to love people in my life and to save people and to be the river of my people,” he said, apparently emotional. “I know, in order to do what we do, you have to be abusive. You have to be able to get people to talk crazy about you. “

Philadelphia has apologized to the Native Academy and all its “fellow nominees” in the department. “Art mimics life,” he adds. “I look like a crazy dad.”

One day after the ceremony But In a statement shared on Instagram, the actor directly apologized to Rock. Smith officially resigned from the academy on Friday, April 1, but the agency still plans to hold a hearing on other possible consequences of his actions.

On his first stand-up show since the incident, Schumer said he had “no jokes” about the situation. “It was just King’s Bamar,” he told attendees at the event on Saturday, April 2. “All I can say is that it was really sad and I think it says a lot about toxic masculinity.”

Although Last Comic Standing Disappointed by Alam Smith’s outburst, at least part of his favorite Oscar was: Lady Gaga And Liza Minelli Team up for the Best Picture award.

“It was one of my favorite moments,” he told Cohen. “I like how Lady Gaga is for people a little older than us.”

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