Ari Fletcher says Tina Williams is “evil” in a post aimed at her son Yosohan.

G. Harbo woke up frustrated with Inannet on Thursday morning, claiming that people were making “false descriptions” of his relationship with his eldest son, Yoson. Despite noticing her messages on internet trolls, Yosohan’s mother Ari shared a message of her own, alleging that Harb’s girlfriend Taina was the cause of their strained relationship.

In a lengthy message on Instagram, Ari mentions an alleged incident that happened between Tina and Yoson when Herb was not home, which he said left him with a scar. According to Ari, the incident was not properly resolved, which is why Yosohan was not at G. Harbo’s house recently.

“How [you] Tell the truth for once. Tell them how my son came home with scars on his body and said what you did to Tina when you were not at home and he even told you in his own mouth what he did and he was crying and he didn’t help her and she was bad to him and she I don’t like him and it happened while you were not at home, “Ari began.

He goes on to describe the situation, noting that G. Harbo has not seen Yoson since the incident because he complained that his son was lying.

“I gave you a whole week to manage it as a parent. You or he never called me about the situation,” Ari continued. “I called her again to talk to her and told her she couldn’t be around my baby and I was very respectful and you sat up and told her in front of me that my baby was lying.”

“You said how can you see your son if he’s not around … haha ​​what?! ??! The way you treat her. When you finally get to where we are you got her for a day, posted on Instagram and left. Let’s all say … “

Joshon has been the talk of the town for the past few days when Ari posted a video of her crying about possibly giving birth to another child. From then on, G. Harbo was in the oven with his other son and people started criticizing him for not meeting Yosohan.

Herb addresses the haters in a series of videos saying that only “sick” people would want a 3-year-old child to feel negative about their siblings or their parents.

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