‘Arrow’ and ‘The Hobbit’ star Manu Bennett joins ‘Perfect Addiction’ – Deadline

Exclusive: Arrows And The Hobbit Actor Manu Bennett joins Kiana Madeira (Trinkets), Ross Butler (13 Reasons Why) And Matthew Naszaka (They) In the YA movie Perfect addiction.

Shooting is set to begin in Poland on Monday.

By Stephanie Sanditz (High quality of life) And Castile Landon (Fear of rain), The story centers on successful boxing coach Sienna Lane, who discovers that her boyfriend Jacques, the royal champion, is cheating on his own sister. He sets out to avenge himself by training a man capable of overthrowing him: his arch-nemesis Cayden. Bennett will play Julian, the senior MMA coach of Kiana Madeira.

Producers are Robert Kulzer of Constantine Films, Jeremy Bolt of JB Pictures and Aaron Levitz, president of Watpad Webtone Studios. Executive producers are Konstantin’s Martin Mozkovic, Watpad’s Eric Lehrmann, and Lindsay Wims Rame. Endeavor manages content sales.

The film is based on Claudia Tan’s bestselling novel, which has been read 81 million times on the social storytelling platform Watpad. It won the 2015 Watts People’s Choice Award.

The movie reunites German powerhouse Konstantin with Bolt, with whom they worked. Resident Evil Movie franchise, Assassin action movie Polar Mads Mickelsen and Vanessa Hazens and video-game adaptations Monster Hunter Starring Mila Jovovich.

The New Zealand actor is best known for his role as Bennett Spartacus, Arrows, Shanara Chronicles And Hobbit In that movie series he starred in Orc Azog.

Bennett has been replaced by Garsh and Zero Gravity Management.

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