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Because We see it Creator and executive producer Jason Katimus has a deep personal connection to the world of young adults living in the Neurodivers Spectrum, he followed a different approach to casting Amazon Prime comedy to achieve as much authenticity as possible.

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“I have a boy on Spectrum who is exactly the age of the characters on the show, and it was a story I was really interested to tell,” Katimus said during a television panel competing for Sunday’s deadline at the Paramount Theater. With stage We see itIts neurodivers are led by Rick Glassman, Sue Ann Payne and Albert Ruteki, and neuro-normative co-star Sosy Bacon. “

From left: Rick Glassman, Sosy Bacon, Sue Ann Payne, Albert Ruteki and Jason Katimus
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Katims describes in detail how he first made the unique decision to start developing the series by casting, reaching out to casting director Camie Patton so they could actually find talent living in the spectrum in their real life. “Usually when your show is picked, the first thing you do is think about who will handle it, or you think about the producer or production designer and things like that and the casting comes a little later,” he said. “In this case, I felt it was very important. I wanted to start with that and actually lead everything we did.”

The reason I did this was because I felt a deep sense of responsibility not to blur the story, not to make a version of it that didn’t seem realistic, that didn’t respect the characters I was writing about.“I’ve known a lot of people over the years,” Katimus said [my son] Those who were neurodivers, I joined that community and I wanted to fix it. “

The show worked with an on-set autism advocate who helped create a comfortable environment for the cast and crew members who were neurodivers, as well as those who weren’t. And for everyone else, as they were for neurodivers people, making sure it was an environment where people were comfortable. “

“The thing that made this set so incredible is that these actors came from day one with such incredible faith and openness,” Katimus said. “They set this beautiful place to work.”

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