Asa Butterfield Natalia Dyer Horror Filming Begins, Russo Bros. Exx – Deadline

Exclusive: Horror-thriller All fun and gamesStarring Asa Butterfield (Sex education) And Natalia Dyer (Stranger Things), Began production in Canada today with Benjamin Evan Einsworth joining the cast – who has an upcoming Disney title role Pinocchio – Keith David (Green leaves) And Anabeth Gish (The collapse of Ushar’s house)

Anton and AGBO Productions, the latter running through the Goji AGBO banner, was a popular headline among buyers at the recent EFM market in Berlin. Anthony and Joe Russo are among the executive producers.

The story follows two kids who play a game with their sad older cousin and awaken a cruel being known as ‘The Scarrow’. Co-Director is Ari Costa (Second Unit Launched) Extraction And Avengers: Endgame) And Erin Celeboglu (The internet kills)

Includes Square One for Germany, pre-signed by Berlin from Anton; Sun Distribution Group for Spain, Portugal and Latin America; Rialto for Australia and New Zealand; WWE Entertainment at Benelux; Nordisk for Scandinavia; Arna Media for CIS; Falcon Films for the Middle East, excluding Israel and Turkey; MovieCloud for Taiwan; Ship for S Korea; Sahamankol for Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar; Husky for Vietnam; PVR for India; Movies for Indonesia 21; Squarebox for Malaysia and Brunei; Shaw tenants for Singapore; And Rafaela Films for the Philippines.

The film was produced by Anton’s Sebastian Reboud and John Joyce, as well as AGBO’s Cassie Whiting and Jake Ost. Executive producers are Anthony of AGBO and Joe Russo, Mike Laroca, Angela Russo-Autust; And Holy Abyssinia. The film is fully funded by Anton. CAA Media Finance Country Co-Representative.

All fun and games It’s a great summer movie for young audiences, “said Sicily Gaggett. “Our international distributors have shown their confidence in the popularity of this genre by achieving this first stage film.”

The film marks the first joint production of Anton and AGBO Anton’s horror thriller Choose or die (Before Cars> R.), Also starring Asa Butterfield, will launch on Netflix on April 15 Gozie of AGBO Everything, everything all at everything Today it spreads to US theaters across the country.

Emerging British actor Benjamin Evan Einsworth in the title role of Disney’s Live-Action Adaptation Pinocchio, Directed by Robert Jemekis and starring Tom Hanks. Her breakout role as Miles Wingraw in the Netflix mini-series Ghost of Bly Manner. He is followed by David S. Gears Sandman For Netflix.

Film and TV vet David will be seen in a later Netflix limited series From scratch. Includes his film credits 21 bridgesWhich AGBO also created, Night schoolDisney Princess and frog, The last rites of the dream And There’s something about Mary. He has acted in five seasons Green leaves For Oprah Winfrey’s own network.

Gish will be seen in the upcoming Netflix mini-series soon The collapse of Ushar’s houseAnd he recently appeared on Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series The amount of noon. He had a recurring role The Hunting of Hill House And appeared in Flanagan’s 2016 horror film Before I woke up. She is best known for her role as Agent Monica Reyes on TV X-File.

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