Asked about the Oscars with Chris Rock and Will, Tony Rock said, “It’s on.”

Chile, Will Smith just slaps Chris Rock at the Oscars. When you thought the conversation was over, Chris Rock’s younger brother, Tony Rock, had something to say about the situation.

During Tony’s weekly Q&A session on Twitter, 20 questions on TuesdayPeople asked about the obvious, Chris Rock was slapped by Will Smith for making fun of Jada Pinkett Smith’s shaved hair, referring to him as Gigen.

One commenter asked, “Do you approve of an apology?” Tony tweeted, “No.” When asked if Thangs would be “professional” or “fight fire with fire,” he replied, “It’s a brother.” As some assumed he was referring to places of business with Chris, the actor referred to the movie “Trading Place” when he was asked which movie he would like to act in.

Some asked if Smith’s Oscar should be revoked Tony replied, “Not my call.” As he continued, someone asked who hit the more powerful Smith or Jada’s boyfriend (apparently pointing to August Alsina), to which he replied, “Mama Rock.”

Tony added that his brother was “still rich” and “doing well” after the incident.

When Tony was answering the question, he was talking about Duan Martin. Someone asked if they were still friends. He said no. Mentioning that this must be a difficult situation. Tony continues to add, “For her.”

Chile, what do you think Tony is talking about in this situation?

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