August Alsina says Black Twitter is the “new slave owner” when clapping back

As Oscar’s drama slowly drags our timeline, so does Augustine Alsina’s name.

With the defeat of Will Smith and Chris Rock Slap, leave it on the internet to pick up the old “water” between Jada Pinkett Smith and August Alsina.

Fast forward to now, August 29, just released a new track titled “Shake the World”. People quickly guessed that he was pointing to Jada on the new track. “Well, of course, if there’s a billion dollars in the elevator, something is bound to go down,” he sings. “Well, of course, some s ** t are forced to go down when you mess up with the world’s favorite,” he followed along.

Some commentators did not feel his song, and said he had to move on from the situation.

One person tweeted, “Boy that new song [trash can emoji]. It’s a bad look. You’re not a victim of this, “said Jada, referring to her former romantic relationship with Pinkett-Smith. “You have decided to sleep with another man’s wife and now it is time to harvest. Instead of admitting, you want to keep these people’s business there and it was not owned by you. # WillSmith “

August retorted, “Brother, feelings for you and your ancestors. Why did you have to lie so hard in Neva. You know he’s a tough guy! Don’t be fooled by this drop! Cuz Got Demit “I Shake”

The Twitter user replied, “My point is this. You’re a real spit fire and that’s exactly what we like on this site CC! The commenter continued, “You don’t have to do this. All you have to do is make a hot album and Kim IJS.”

August replied again, “I am no longer a child! And I don’t need to be reminded that I’m talented. God has given me that gift! I’m still talking about my life in my music, and Yale got a problem! You will not answer! New era slave owners on Black Twitter! But Yale is not my owner! And you go crazy over it. ”

He replied to another who said that he “likes attention” and “gets the milk of desire and Jada situation.”

August tweeted, “EYE (I) Like attention? Yet you are here and I have nothing to do with the thing that dragged my name? Make it understandable … If you love to pay attention to me, just tell me. “

Wow, Chile! What do you think, Roomies?

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