August Alsina shares her inner thoughts on peace in the Will Smith News

August Alsina posted a message of peace on Instagram on Tuesday night. The singer’s name has become a hot button over the past few days as Will Smith continues online discussions about physically assaulting Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars. A follow-up moment came GI Jane Chris’s joke about the actress’s current bald appearance – which is due to her struggle with alopecia.

As previously reported, Jada Pinkett Smith and August both confirmed a romantic “water” back in 2020. The revelations spawned an endless stream of memes, jokes and conversations that once again culminated in Will’s response to his wife’s disrespect.

August note about peace

In her latest Instagram posts, August not only wrote about peace in a long caption, but also trolled followers with a media post about “steel-made” peace.

“Choose peace; believe that life’s intricate puzzle pieces are better together and form together to master the seasonal chaotic nature of the seasonal pieces of your life art piece that are being created and painted by giving birth to life in your inner masterpiece; grown through external chaos-transforming chemistry. , Darkness has become 2 lights and beauty, ”August headlined his post.

Wearing dark sunglasses, a jean jacket, yellow hoodie and white cap, August emptied her gold grills for selfies. He was seen lying on a sofa during the photo. He continued in his caption.

“Then Master P (i) is shown without E ^ CE, from the whimsical and colorful art-pieces of your life, co-created and appearing to live in peace / after-pieces / after-life,” wrote August.

As he wrapped up his words, August shifted his focus to himself. The Trap Soul artist believes he is “a walking billboard”.

“I’m a walking billboard and the network is simply desiring to watch television and broadcast love, God’s love, grace and healing embrace, good music that heals (w / heals a little worse),” wrote August. My H-Town background with flava and bags is pretty much safe for the ones I love and I’m trying to keep a clean heart here. DassIT !! “

The trolling moment of August

Moments after her initial post, August may have peeked at the host in response to her long message about peace. In The Shade Room alone, a repost of an August post received more than 10,000 comments. The artist shared a second post – this time Tyler Perry’s character Madia is featuring a stage play clip of Madia.

“The peace was stable. The piece is made of steel, ”Madia said in an 18-second clip. “Don’t you believe it’s peaceful? All you have to do is bring it out and it will be there. “

August followed the clip with her own “trolling” caption

Behind them for those who like to solve aLgEbRa eQuAtIoNs and mOrSe codes. Jesus is the maker of peace, so sit still ‘! Alas, I have finished Trollin … I love you, he wrote.

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