August Alsina stops rumors that she has a book about her bedroom life

Lately, August Alsina has been dealing with a lot of rumors, and on Thursday when she went to address a rumor about him on social media, she dropped a book about how she might get into the bedroom.

In a post on his Instagram, August shared a graphic that appeared to be a text message thread, the message addressed to “stupid people” and “stupid rumors,” and August said, “What do I need to write? Books about sex life? When they wrote fantasies, speculations and fiction about me on the watapad. “

He suggested that if anyone wanted to read something like this, they should go to Watpad to read those fairy tales. However, he recommended that people read the Holy Bible instead.

August added, “I’m just living my life, trying to make peace in my own life and the lives of those around me, out of all the broken pieces of glass and heart.”

He also referred to such writing as “the lowest fruit,” “why would anyone want to earn that ‘kind’ of money from the lowest fruit, when God’s promise is the greatest harvest?”

In his caption, August Says, “Cus playing w / me AINT! Great attempt to kill my character though. The part you forgot is that God gave me the lead, and his story got bigger! ”

August also addressed the rumors on Twitter and said:

As Before Just last week, Will Smith reportedly shared his thoughts on August’s peace amid reports that Jada had slapped Chris Rock in defense of Jada Pinkett-Smith. After a while, he dropped a new song called “The world is shaking“Where people thought he could talk to Jada about the” water “of his past.

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