“Being the first isn’t always the best” – Mip TV – Deadline

“It’s not always best to be first,” said HBO Max Global boss Johannes Larcher, who said the streamer had reached a “saturation” point in the United States as he spoke on international strategy on Mip TV this afternoon.

Speaking to Regions after the launch of HBO Max after competitors including Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Paramount +, the former Hulu executive said his team could “learn a lot from what others have done successfully and with less success in the past.”

“We are doing this in phases and the capital is becoming efficient,” he added.

His comments contradicted Paramount International boss Rafael Anচchino, who used his series Mania keynote to praise the rapid launch of Paramount + in mainland Europe.

Larcher rejects the notion that HBO Max is in direct competition with other streamers, saying: “It’s not about being number one, but about creating a service that best serves our customers. There is room for multiple scaled business in these areas. “

HBO Max is set to launch in the European region this year and will quadruple its original number to 40 from 10 in 2019 to 40 in 2023 as it seeks more non-US subscriptions.

To that end, Larcher said the service, which has 27 million subscribers (including HBO members), has reached “saturation” in his country.

About 90% growth of HBO Max is now forecast to come out of the US, Larcher said, pointing to competitors like Netflix’s $ 9BN international spending forecast by 2026, which could buy 700 episodes. The crown Or five Spiders are human Movies

Instead of “parachuting the US HBO Max to different countries,” Larcher’s team is adapting to the habit of visiting and buying in different regions.

HBO Max has launched a mobile-only level in Latin America and is experimenting with a “basic level” in the Netherlands, a country that has never had a presence before.

With the upcoming WarnerMedia integration with Discovery and the impact it will have on streamers HBO Max and Discovery +, Larcher says “the audience and content are quite complementary.”

“We have a shared vision [combined streaming] The service should be in terms of products and packaging, “he explained.

One way or another

He was speaking while announcing the remake of HBO Max Spanish Comedy One way or another, Which will begin major photography in Spain in the spring.

The show follows Saida Benzal and Marta Martin, who live in Malasana, a crazy town where they find their place.

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