Ben Steeler of Severance, Adam Scott, Britt Lower, Patricia Arquette –

Separation Producer Ben Stiller has joined stars Patricia Arquette and Britt Lower on stage for a panel on Deadlines Contenders TV, with Adam Scott practically joining to discuss the Apple TV + series.

“[The series] Exploring human emotions and memories and the idea of ​​what we can cut and what we can forget, ”Stiller said. “Office-work comedy has many roots that I love Office And like the movie Office spaceAnd it was embracing that trend and turning it upside down. “

Directed by Ben Steeler and Aoif McArdol and produced by Dan Ericsson, this sci-fi psychological thriller follows employees of Luman Industries, a terrifying biotech corporation. Mark (Adam Scott) is an employee who went through a controversial “separation” procedure that separates his work and non-work memories, which begins to unravel the conspiracy about Luman.

“We’ve thought about it in different ways,” Scott said, “but for Ben and Dan it was really important. [Erickson] And I was that it feels like one person, because it is. It is one man, but two parts of one man, two parts of the same person. ”

“Haley wakes up at an office table, only to complete the separation procedure,” Lower said. “He’s really the audience’s point of view like doing this surgery … it’s awful.”

Arquette said, “Kobel sees the character as a person of higher management, the way we see military, or large corporations, or cult or religion structures … How do you behave in top management? The kind of corporation where the sand always moves under you?

Its season finale Separation Debuted April 8M On Apple TV + and for the second season has been renewed 7

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