‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Mark Malay – has found a new director in time

Exclusive: The long-awaited sequel to the hit comedy franchise seems to be gaining momentum as sources say the deadline has been set for up-and-coming director Mark Molay Beverly Hills Cop 4. Eddie Murphy is expected to reintroduce the role of Axel Foley with Netflix on board. Jerry Brookheimer is back to produce.

Malay director duo Adil L. R. and Billal Falla were replaced by Warner Bros. Batgirl, Which has recently stopped production and is about to be downgraded to HBO Max. Insiders added that the image is still under development and no construction start date has been set.

Netflix had no comments about rent.

The franchise moved from Paramount to Netflix in the winter of 2019 and follows the adventures of Detroit cop Foley, who first appeared on the 1984 Smash Heat and followed Foley to Beverly Hills to solve a friend’s murder. The film became one of the biggest hits of 1984, consolidating Murphy’s movie star status, and two sequels followed.

For Molay, the project will mark his first feature film for a large studio. The rising star has gained notoriety in the commercial circuit, especially with the Apple brand. He is repp by UTA.

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