Big Fendi says $ 400,000 and his jewelry was stolen from a Miami hotel

Realizing that your property is missing is not the biggest feeling, especially when you are comfortable in a hotel. This was probably Big Fendy’s recent experience in Miami. The music industry veterinarian shared a story about how $ 400,000 and his jewelry were taken from a South Beach-based hotel.

For those who aren’t familiar, Big Fendi is the person who found Nicki Minaj when she used her rap to live in MySpace. Not only that, he is also known to have given Nicki his now-iconic stage name.

What happened?

Late Sunday night, Big Fendi shared a post on his Instagram account – a description of what happened to his property. He went on to say that “more than 400,000 worth of Prada bags and jewelry have been stolen from the Mondrian Hotel in South Beach.”

“I checked in around 4:45 pm. Shortly after my bag was not in my room, I realized, “wrote Big Fendi.” Long story short, the hotel found the bag and gave it security. Did what was sent to Mondrian .. saying they lost a bag describing what was in the bag and sending someone to pick it up. “

Potential hotel involvement

Fendi did not share details about how long it took the hotel to find the bag. He also did not share how he knew Security had searched and logged the items in his bag. In addition, it is unclear how Fendi knows about the security of communicating with an outsider and about fake emails. Still, he continued to explain how he believed his things had gone away from him.

Big Fendi wrote in his caption, “The hotel dropped my bag without my ID or anything.” “It was an internal affair differently !!!!! The guy who came here picked up my bag. If you know this Dm Me. He’s in Miami !!!”

In addition to the story in its caption, Big Fendi shared about eight pictures that look like security footage screenshots. The photo shows a black man with two toned locks and a brownish-ish head wrapped. Her face is completely exposed and her dress is casual with a T-shirt and jeans. A black bag has been spotted by an unidentified person, but it’s not clear if it’s Big Fendi’s Prada bag.

At this point, there is no word from the Mondrian Hotel about the situation. This is a developing story.

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