Billy Ilish pays tribute to Taylor Hawkins during the performance

An emotional fashion statement. Billy Ilish The late Fu Fighters member paid tribute to Taylor Hawkins during his Grammy Awards performance.

The Los Angeles native sang “Happy Than Ever” on Sunday, April 3, wearing black pants and a matching tee at the awards show. The shirt had a picture of the drummer and his last name was printed in large letters.

Billy Ilish honors Taylor Hawkins with T-shirt Happy Than Ever Performance Grammy

Billy Ilish and Taylor Hawkins. Shutterstock (2)

Speaking at the Academy Awards last week, the “Ocean Eyes” singer said Access Hollywood That Hawkins’ death was “incredibly heartbreaking.” The Golden Globe winner added, “It was okay before we went on stage [in Seattle, Washington]. And we got the news, and it really, really ripped us all off. It’s horrible, terribly tragic. “

His brother Phineas, Chimd, “Taylor was such a legendary player. We were fans of his work for several years before meeting him. And we’ve only met him a few times… I hope we could have spent more time with him, but he couldn’t have been a kinder, kinder, more generous person. And such a deeply inspiring person. We’re just heartbroken. “

Grammys, a California resident, died a week ago at the age of 50. Hawkins was found in his hotel room in Bogota, Colombia, on March 25, and was pronounced dead upon arrival after requesting emergency services. An initial toxicology test later revealed that his system at the time contained marijuana, tricyclic antidepressants, benzodiazepines and opioids.

Hawkins is survived by his three children – Oliver, Annabelle and Everley – and his wife Alison Hawkins.

Billy Ilish honors Taylor Hawkins with T-shirt Happy Than Ever Performance Grammy

The late Taylor Hawkins’ name appears on Billy Ilish’s shirt, just as he and Phineas are performing “Happy Than Ever” at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on April 3, 2022. Chris Pizzello / AP / Shutterstock

Taylor was a proud “father of the city.” Billboards About her daughters in November 2019. “I can’t write about being young and going to clubs, and I’m not very political,” said the musician at the time. “Although it’s all kinds of tongue-in-cheek.”

When the Fu Fighters were scheduled to perform at the 64th annual Grammy, the rock band canceled their presence as well as their tour. The group, however, won three awards on Sunday for Best Rock Performance, Best Rock Song and Best Rock Album.

Surviving members called Hawkins’ death a “surprising loss” in a statement Tuesday, March 29th.

“We share the sadness and frustration that we will not see each other as planned.” Dave Grahol, Pat Smear, Chris Shifflet, Net Mendel, Rami Jafi And Franz Steel Wrote. “Instead, let’s take this time to mourn, to draw close to our loved ones, and to appreciate all the music and memories we’ve put together.”

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