Brian Cranston and Aaron Paul will play the role of ‘Breaking Bad’ in ‘Better Call’

Today’s Time Competition Panel Time, Good call Saul Star Jonathan Banks jokingly gave Brian Cranston a swipe that he possibly reprized the role of Walter White.

It’s now official: Cranston and Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman. Good call Saul Predecessor Breaking bad I’ll be back.

Co-producer Peter Gold unveiled the news at a Paleyfest event, and AMC confirmed the news, citing “they’re coming back.”

Cranston and Pinkman starred as White and Pinkman in five seasons of the Netflix feature film, in addition to the drug dealing drama. El Camino: A Breaking Bad MovieWhich was released in 2019.

Earlier in the day, Jonathan Banks, who plays Mike Ehrmontratt, had a deadpan on Deadline’s Pete Hammond when asked if Cranston would return. “Why do you want him?” I mean, really talk about an overrated actor. “

Odenkark added, “Please make sure he knows what John said.”

Its sixth and final season Good call Saul Divided into two parts. It starts on April 18 and lasts until the end of May before being picked up again in early July.

“Although I know what happens [in the end]I don’t think it hurts me, “Odenkark said of slippery lawyer Saul Goodman as a roller coaster.

“It’s the Rubik’s Cube of Hell,” Gold added about getting the final season of the drama series for fans, “It was incredibly challenging and scary, but starting the show was the same thing.”

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