‘Bridgeton’ Sets Netflix Rating Record for Season 2 English-Language Series –

Bridgeton There may not be as much sex as in the first season, but it still attracts viewers.

Netflix has revealed that the second season of Shondland Regency Romp has garnered 251.7M hours in the last seven days – breaking the streamer record of the most watched English language TV series.

The second season aired on March 25 and saw 193M hours on its opening weekend but the rating data increased it even more with the first full week. It was in the top ten of 93 countries.

This move also saw the first season Bridgeton The rocket returned to its top ten in second place with 53M hours of sightings.

However, Bridgeton The Korean Smash did not match the number of hits Squid game, Which holds an overall record, including 571.8M hours viewed on the week of September 27th.

Squid game, Launched September 17, it saw 63.2M hours in its first weekend, but increased rapidly with 448.7M hours in its first full week, 571.8M hours in the second full week, 412.9M hours in the third full week, 258.8M in its fourth full week and 17 on the streamer. As of the week of January, its top ten is in the non-English language titles.

The previous highest of an English-language series since the way Netflix changed its rating in June 2021 came in the week of February 14, 2022 when Anna discovery, Another Shondland series, 196M was watched for hours.

Elsewhere, this week, the Breakout Reality Contest series Is it a cake? Adding 48.9M hours seen last week, it continues its strong performance with another 26.5M hours. Anna invented আরও was in fourth place with 22M hours of viewing

Bridgeton The second season Viscount tells the story of Anthony Bridgerton (Jonathan Bailey) and his love affair. But duties, aspirations and scandals clash because Anthony decides to get married, just to meet his match with his intended bride’s older sister. Next, Kate Sharma (Simon Ashley), thinks that Anthony is only looking for a wife to fulfill his responsibilities and does not believe in the true love that his sister Edwina (character Chandran) deserves. Yet Kate is clearly keeping an eye out for Anthony (and vice versa).

Bridgeton Produced by Shonda Rhymes, Betsy Bears, Tom Verica and Chris Van Dussen. Van Dussen also acts as creator and showrunner.

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