Bridgeton’s Callum Lynch thinks Theo and Eloise should ‘live together’

Keep the hope out! After Theo and Eloise (Claudia Jesse) Connection reached a major hurdle, Callum Lynch From here, things get trickier for the couple.

“I think as an actor you have to support your character. But I didn’t go down without explaining myself first because I think they’re right for each other, “said Lynch, 26. Our weekly Thursday, April 7, during the promotion of the hit Netflix series. “I think finding someone who challenges him is really worth it, and so does Theo.”

The actor noted that a potential future for Theo and Eloise would still be complicated by time, saying, “Then class is a big thing. So, it may break their heart. It can be very difficult. We have to see. “

In Season 2 of Bridgeton, fans have seen Eloise form a bond with Theo in her quest for Lady Whistledown. Although Eloise has feelings for the printer’s assistant, the couple’s various positions in society prevent them from being able to act in chemistry.

Lynch, for his part, would love to see Season 3 Shorana Jess Brownell Continue exploring the possibilities between Theo and Eloise.

“I think they should be together just thinking about the characters. Since Eloise had to come into the world of Theo in Season 2, I think it’s really exciting to think about what it would be like if she came to him, “Dunkirk shared the star. Us. “Eloise has a lot of love to give and she is such a very loyal person and a kind person. I want to see him guide me through the whole jungle to the ball or something else. It would be really sweet to see. “

Bridgeton Callum Lynch Theo Alois wants to finish together

Callum Lynch at the “Bridgeton” Series 2 premiere in London on March 22, 2022. Shutterstock

Locals in England are also optimistic about working with 32-year-old Jesse to bring the love story to life. “It simply came to our notice then. He is amazing and he is obviously a beautiful person, which is the most important thing with the people you work with. But in each acceptance, he is completely different [yet] Equally true and real every single time, ”he explained. “[It is] Almost when the camera was on me, he had to give it more. So, I have to respond and have a lot more to play off, which is always a sign of a good man and a really good actor. “

For lunch, coming Bridgeton The set includes a reunion with the former Dairy Coaster Nikola Kaflan. Newcomer Kaflan, 35, praised him for welcoming him to the set before filming began.

“[Nicola] It was really nice about me. When we were doing the fittings and accessories in the makeup trailer before we started shooting – like three months ago – he texted me one day and said, “I saw your face in the makeup trailer,” he recalls. [Bridgerton cast] WhatsApp group and everything. ”

Mrs. Wilson Alum continued: “It was really nice because we couldn’t do anything by reading it personally. A lot of people I haven’t met in ages, but I still feel part of it because I was in the WhatsApp group, and everyone was practically rocking me and stuff. It’s such a clich, but they’re really like a big, beautiful family. So they welcomed me, which is nice. “

Season 2’s Bridgeton Currently streaming on Netflix.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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