Broadway’s ‘KPOP’ has announced an additional cast of K-Pop stars – Deadline

Extra casting for its upcoming Broadway premiere KPOPThe new K-Pop event was announced by producers of new musical instruments, including Julia Abuyeva, Will Brill, Major Kurda, Jumin Hawang, Jinu Jung, Jiho Kang, Amy Keum, James Kho, Bo Hyung Kim, Eddie Lee. Julie Lee, Min Young Lee, Timothy H. Lee, Abraham Lim, Kate Mina Lynn, Aubrey Merrillis, Patrick Park, Kevin Woo, and John E are joining the previously announced star Lunar in production.

KPOP Preview will begin on Thursday, October 13, at the Broadway Circle of the Square Theater, on the opening night of Sunday, November 20.

Producers Tim Forbes and Joey Parnes announced the casting today, citing the K-pop backgrounds of some of the performers on the show: Bo Hyung Kim formerly speaker and half pair KEEMBO, Min Young Lee formerly Miss A, and Kevin Wu formerly U-KISS. In addition to their group activities, each of the performers has started a successful solo career and is releasing new music.

KPOP It will be the first musical on Broadway about Korean culture and the popularity of K-pop instruments. Sixteen members of the company will make their Broadway debut.

KPOP Was conceived by Woodshed Collective and Jason Kim and Kim has a book; Music, song, and music creation by Helen Park; And music and lyrics by Max Vernon. Directed by Teddy Bergman, choreographed by Jennifer Weber, and directed by Suzanne Kim-Ramsey. The musical tells the story of putting everything in line for a special one-night concert of global superstars, as a singer’s inner struggle threatens to shatter one of the biggest labels in the industry.

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