Brooklyn Decker jokes Andy Roddick’s marriage ‘transactional’

With 13 years of marriage they have two children under the belt and at home, Brooklyn Decker And Andy RoddickThe relationship has turned into a good oiled machine.

“It becomes a ridiculous transaction,” said the actress, 34, exclusively Our weekly Wednesday, April 6, during the promotion of his and ZYRTEC’s partnership with American Forest. “You say, ‘I have a baby. You go buy tampons, take diapers.’ … It’s too [much] Creating a game plan for such a football game. You’re drawing X and someone is going to deal with it and someone else will take care of it. “

The Ohio native, who shared the 39-year-old athlete with Hank, 6, and Steve, 4, said Us That’s the “skill key” when raising kids.

Brooklyn Decker says Andy Roddick's marriage is a 'ridiculous transaction' when raising children: 'Skills are key'

Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker. Susan Cordeiro / Shutterstock

“Hopefully, you can get a few smiles along the way,” the model said, noting that she and the tennis professional don’t have “regular work date nights” because their “lives are so erratic.”

The Grace and Frankie The star explained, “I think it’s easy to get involved in managing life, home, children, everything. However, we set aside time. We prioritize it, but I think we could all do better. “

The couple, who got married in April 2009 in Texas, consider themselves in a “good place” with Hank and Stevie and do not want to expand anytime soon.

“You’re constantly, for example, bending over for six months,” Decker said Us Have kids “They’re really exploratory, but they’re not really strong enough to do it independently. So you’re basically playing bumper cars with your kids. আছে I have two kids who like, can dress themselves and ask me what they need. It will be difficult [to have another]”

The children are now following in their father’s footsteps and are interested in sports including football and basketball.

With so much time outside with her athletic kids, Decker is grateful for her allergy medication for the full 24-hour relief. “ZYRTEC is not trying to relieve our allergy symptoms, but they are trying to enjoy the outdoors by planting more trees in cities that really need it.” Just go with it They gushed on Wednesday. “I think my allergy symptoms have exploded with the beautiful outbreak of spring.”

The person suffering from chronic allergies noted that the brand was “doing really great things” on Instagram on Friday, April 22, Earth Day, and said, “If you comment with a tree emoji in their post that day, they will donate a dollar. ZYRTEC Relief Project, which Researching and planting trees in historically excluded communities. “

Through the ZYRTEC Relief Project, ZYRTEC and American Forest are helping to advance advance tree equality in historically excluded communities so that more people can reap the health and environmental benefits that trees can provide.

With reporting by Christina Garibaldi

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