Captain America’s first comic book auctioned at $ 3.1M – sold out on the last date

Many mothers have discarded the comics they left behind when their students died. Little did they know that they were casting lots into the future.

The first comic book featuring Captain America sold for 3.1 million at auction today. The price is less than the $ 3.6 million record for Spide-Man’s first comic appearance in 2014. Buyer identity not found.

The book is priced at 10 cents more than when it was first published in 1941. Its initial sales are lost over time, but the punching-out cap on the cover is Adolf Hitler, a popular concept in the war years.

Comic auctions for the No. 1 issue have skyrocketed in the last few years. Superman No. 1 went for 3.2 million in 2014, while Batman debuted at 21 2.2 million in 2021.

Captain America 4 Scripting by Falcon and Winter Soldier Including lead author and producer Malcolm Spellman, series staff writer Dalan Muson. It’s not believed to be a top-secret project directed by my colleague Justin Kroll that could bring Chris Evans back into the fold. A director has not yet been set for Mackie’s film.

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