Cherokee Nation Film Office Partners with the Native American Media Alliance –

The Cherokee Nation Film Office is partnering with the Native American Media Alliance to help increase Native representation in film and television. Collaboration, which includes support from major industry partners and the Motion Picture Association, extends diversity and inclusion across the entertainment industry, both in front of and behind the camera.

The Native American Media Alliance is a community-based organization that advocates for Native American representation in the entertainment industry. NAMA serves as a resource for industry workers working with Native Americans who have an authentic voice for film, television and new media.

“At present, less than 1% of these professions are native, and the need for diversity, inclusion and proper presentation of native identity in film and television has been in vogue since the early years of the industry,” said Jennifer Lorraine, director of the Cherokee Nation. “We are honored to be able to continue to work alongside the Barcaid Foundation and many more great supporters in recruiting, promoting and nurturing native talent across all of these industries.”

Tribal Film Office, Netflix, Amazon Studio, Warnermedia, Snowpants Productions and Kung Fu Monkey Productions have partnered to support the Native American Media Alliance and its TV and feature film labs, workshops and seminars.

The initiative helps Native Americans enter the entertainment and new media professions, as well as protect Natives already employed in these industries. NAMA and its affiliates highlight and broaden the authentic voices of Native people and organizations, ensuring a fair and accurate portrayal of Native Americans.

Ian Schroedin, director of strategy at the Native American Media Alliance, said: “We are honored to be partnering with each of our partners in our ongoing efforts to develop and offer new ways to support our artists. “We have a talented community that needs exposure, access and opportunity. Our programming is helping to get more Native American voices in front of the right people who can build their content and build their careers. ”

Throughout the year, NAMA presents programming designed specifically to create and expand indigenous peoples’ access to film and television. The Alliance recently selected 12 Fellows for the 7th Annual Native American TV Writers Lab, which includes daily workshops, seminars, and one-on-one counseling to help screenwriters develop a pilot and staff writing skills.

In addition, the application for this summer The 2nd Annual Native American Writers Seminar is currently open. Intensive month-long Multiple writing workshops will include individual mentoring and group sessions, focusing on developing existing scripts and preparing to submit for fellowship writing.

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