Chip and Joanna Gaines road from HGTV to HBO – Deadline

Discover the new Warner Bros. under the leadership of reporting the matter to one of the changes, chip and Joanna geinsera myaganoliya HBO and HBO on the Discovery Network’s Chief Content Officer Casey blayasera Max Warner bradarse the company has gone under. . After closely examining this action, HBO Max, which can lead to a myaganoliya-branded hub and scripted programming geinsa could flood their toes, it’s not so dumb. It took three to reach the couple and two attachments.

Gains’ discovery journey began in July 2017 when the company announced that it had agreed to acquire Scripps, whose flagship network was HGTV, with Gains. Arbitrator above As the network’s flagship show. It was supposed to be a very short journey because less than two months later, Gaines announced that they were ending. Arbitrator above And leaving HGTV.

The strained relationship between Kathleen Finch and the couple was widely believed to have played a role in their decision not to renew their HGTV contract. Finch when running HGTV Arbitrator above Scripps started and oversaw the channel during Gains’ resignation as chief programming, content and brand officer for the networks.

At the time, Gaines did not have a relationship with Discovery CEO David Jaslav, but they did. As he has learned Arbitrator above, The biggest hit in the portfolio of networks he was buying, about to end after five seasons, “it sucked all the air out of my lungs,” he told WSJ in 2018.

Jaslav traveled to Gaines’ home in Waco, TX, to bring the couple back to their vast lifestyle empire. It was a subtle situation, with Finch balancing a talented, star executive and Guinness superstar talent.

Eicajitibhite two straight comeback story almost out of the question, but jasalabha a way found, phincake combined Discovery-Scripps Company’s Chief lifestyle brand officer was promoted and myaganoliya network discovery and geinsera a medial joint venture organized, DIY channel to replace a Linear Cable network and subscription streaming services in a digital brand. (Myaganoliya content currently being streamed on the Discovery +.)

“We’re continuing this bromance, David and I,” Chip Gains said on the 2019 Discovery Upfront shortly after the joint venture was announced.

Based on an existing relationship, Gaines chose their close ally on HGTV during the run.f fixer upperAlison Page, then president of HGTV, heads the joint venture as president.

Page has enjoyed a special status at The Gains Discovery ever since, reporting directly to Jaslav. (This applies to two other recent Discovery joint ventures, Motor Trends as well as OWN, which was overseen by Finch in 2020 after Oprah Winfrey split most of its stake.)

Following the completion of the Discovery-WarnerMedia merger, Jaslav has seen his portfolio expand exponentially and has received a number of new direct reports, including Casey Blaise of HBO / HBO Max and Warner Bros. Toby Emerich, Warner Bros. TV Group’s Channing Dangi, and CNN’s Chris Licht.

In the newly merged universe, the two joint ventures, the Magnolia Network and the Motor Trend, no longer have a direct line with Jaslav. In the WarnerMedia Discovery structure, there are two programming executives overseeing the network / streamer, Blaise and Finch, who have been promoted to chairman and chief content officer of US Networks Group. Network / Adult Swim in his portfolio.

It seems strange that Blaise, who has spent most of her career focusing on premium scripted content, will oversee the AM unscripted Basic cable network while virtually every other ad-supported cable network will have several WMs with actual scripted programming features. Go under Finch whose background is completely unscripted.

In addition to the problems with the Gaines-Finch relationship, which sources say have improved over the years, there were other reasons for the decision to move the Magnolia Network to HBO / HBO and report pages to Blaise, who manages all the content, scripted and unscripted, For HBO and HBO Max (excluding child and YA fares).

HBO Max has established itself as a destination for programs such as women-driven scripted programming. And just like that, Flight Attendant, Hacks And HBO’s Wave, Which attracts the same female population as the Magnolia Lifestyle series. HBO Max seeks to expand into unwritten territory after the breakout success of its epidemic series Selina + Chef.

The Magnolia will match the network slate, with the HBO Max built around the brand a potential hub. Independent producers who sold the project to Magnolia told Deadline that from the start, the network operated with a competitive budget, leading to content that could live on a premium content platform like HBO Max. (Warner Bros. Discovery leadership failed to unveil plans for how HBO Max and Discovery + will be bundled / merged in the future.)

In addition, Gaines was finally thinking of expanding their brand in the script, which is now a very real possibility as part of the HBO / HBO Max family, sources said.

I heard it wasn’t an Orange marriage that was born between the two parties. It has been working for some time, and I heard that HBO / HBO has become a fan of Max Brass Magnolia program. Fixer Upper: Welcome home And The Lost Kitchen. (Save for debate surrounding the reform show HomeworkMagnolia slate is generally well received.)

Although the transfer of the Magnolia network to the HBO / HBO Max group has been permanent, some of the other cable networks of the joint venture may be moving forward.

I have heard that, depending on who has been appointed as the Chair and CEO of Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, that person can oversee the heavyweight TNT and TBS sports. That new fare is also expected to be the responsibility of Motor Trend Joint Venture and that cable channel.

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