Choi Min-Young, Anthony Kivan in 9 Cast – Deadline

Netflix has added nine actors to the cast XO, Kitty His upcoming To all the boys Spinof series. Join as a regular series Choi Min-young (The palace of dreams), Anthony Kivan (Create + ions), Gia Kim, Sang Hyun Lee, Peter Thornwald (Players) And Reagan Alia (Club Mickey Mouse) They will appear opposite Anna Cathcart who plays the title role. The series comes from co-listeners and executive producers Jenny Han and Sasha Rothschild.

In the series, teen matchmaker Kitty Song Covey (Cathcart) thinks she knows everything there is to know about love. But when she travels halfway around the world to reunite with her long-distance boyfriend, she will soon realize that relationships are much more complicated when it’s your own heart in the line.

Choi will play the role of Dye, will play the role of Kivan Kyu, will play the role of Kim Yuri, will play the role of Lee Min Ho, will play the role of Thornwald Alex and Alia Juliana.

Also join the cast as iterations Eunjin Kim (Missing), Michael K. Lee And Jocelyn Shelfo (Summer I turned beautiful) They will play Gina, Professor Lee and Madison, respectively.

Eugene Kim, Michael K. Lee, Jocelyn Shelfo

(LR) Eugene Kim, Michael K. Lee and Jocelyn Shelfo

In addition to the castings, Netflix shared it XO, Kitty Jennifer Arnold, Jeff Chan, Pamela Romanesky and Katina Medina Mora have started production in Seoul, South Korea to direct this season.

Creator Han co-produced with executive Rothschild and Matt Kaplan of ACE Entertainment. The series comes from Awesomeness Studios.

(L to R) Anthony Kivan, Gia Kim, Anna Cathkart, Minion Choi, Sang Hen Lee.

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