Chris Rock broke his silence after the incident with Will Smith

The story goes on! The world has seen and heard the views of Chris Rock and Will Smith. However, the main person at the center of the controversy has not yet opened his mouth. Tonight, Chris Rock finally breaks his silence and speaks publicly about the incident where he was slapped at the Oscars.

According to people, Chris got on stage and performed in The Wilbur in Boston and addressed the ordeal. The crowd was 1,000 and shouted Chris’ name in their first appearance since the 94th Academy Awards, a visiting member said. The comedian then took to the stage in all white attire, where he was greeted standing. “What’s up, Boston?” He asked the crowd, “How was your weekend ?!”

Before going too deep into things, he told the audience, “I’m still processing what happened.” Chris didn’t say much about the situation, but he did tell fans in the audience that he would probably talk seriously about it at some point. The Oscar incident helped Chris get more attention.

Live event ticketing site TickPick shares that ticket sales for Chris have increased significantly. On March 28, the company tweeted, “We sold more tickets than last month to see Chris Rock overnight.” More than 200 people retweeted the news on Twitter.

While this is not an apology or a complete statement, more than 8,000 roommates commented on the news One wrote, “Yeah really pull it off.” Another commented, Chris wrote sympathetically, “I feel so bad for him! Seeing his body language after the slap brought me back. It will literally embarrass him in front of his peers. “

Roommates, drop a comment and let us know how you feel about the situation!

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