Chris Rock calls Oscar controversy first standup after Will Smith slap –

Last weekend at Oscar Travesty, Chris Rock felt a slap in the face on Global TV, Will Smith saw his great reputation shattered by a lack of self-control, and the Academy Awards were embarrassed to do nothing about it and are now threatening deportation. But tonight it turned out that there was at least one winner: the ticket scalper, who raised over $ 1000 for the porch seat. Many of them seem to have been bought and paid by journalism outlets, and many of us had a joke: security locked our phones, and dragged us to write in notebooks or text from Apple Watch. Where was this crew when Will Smith turned down the Academy’s request after attacking Rock just minutes before the Best Actor Oscar award?

Rock Tonight gave her first standup comedy performance since the Oscars and this time, she’s laughing. As such, he refused to use the embarrassing episode for comic steps. Dressed in white, Rock confirmed a very long-winded slogan – about two and a half minutes by my reckoning, and more than what Smith got when he was named in the Best Actor category. After praising “Let me do a show”, Rock asked the crowd how their weekend was. He had nothing more to say about Smith’s open hand slap being on the business side, telling the crowd that he wrote the joke for a comedy routine before other things happened. He suggested he could resolve the dispute over time, but he wasn’t sure if it would be better just to move on. (You can hear Rock’s opening remarks below.) Maybe he’ll feel different on the next show tonight, but I’m out of money for that first show. If his heart changes, so be it.

Rock then embarks on a lively routine that starts with bad sexting with a woman named Candice, a divorced father raising his daughters, planning to have a vasectomy after Covid and Robert De Niro pick up his young daughter in the mid-70s. Until. , To Elon Musk’s sexual power, and Meghan Merkel. Wow, didn’t he punch the next one? In fact, Prince Harry was in the front row when Rock talked about his wife’s skin color… well, don’t mind. Angered by accusing the royal family of racism, Rock said, “What did you expect? Didn’t they create colonialism? Rock also protested against politically correct corporations that brag about caring for the environment, planting trees and other work. A Subaru car commercial Talking about the look that promised to donate $ 250 to the buyer’s favorite charity with each sale, Rock said he would love to knock the company $ 250 out of the car price. Insulted), but on a day when the academy was deciding how It is difficult to punish His warriors in that one-sided weekend battle could line up in the pockets of rock scalpers and look forward to more crowds who will surely love how the Academy Awards restored his status as the most popular comic in the country.

Ron Howard Will Smith, Chris Rock responds to Oscar Snafu: “I didn’t expect this kind of behavior.”

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