Chris Rock never asked if Smith should be removed from Oscar source –

Exclusive: When Will Packer said Good morning America Will Smith was not removed from the Oscars this morning because Chris Rock did not want it, Deadline heard from reliable sources that this is not the case.

We are told that Packer is distracting it from a conversation that occurred after Smith slapped him on the stage, where Rock told Packer that he did not want to press charges. If he had chosen to do so, the LAPD would have removed Smith and arrested him. If Packer asked Rock if he wanted to remove Smith from the building, he would get another answer. The comedian was never asked where Smith should have been placed to receive his Best Actor Oscar and give a speech where he apologized to everyone except Rock. Packer reported a version of his event at the academy, and no action was taken. The problem with all of this is that the responsibility for not excluding Smith from the Oscars has been placed on Rock’s feet, which is not the case, sources said. This question was not asked by Rock Packer.

Because Smith has not been removed at the moment, the drama that influenced the Oscars is going to be triggered by tweets and media interviews, and is going on like a Kurosawa movie. Rashomon, In terms of who said what in that turbulent moment.

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