Chris Rock Will Smith breaks silence over Oscar slap: ‘Processing’

Back to business! Chris Rock She is on stage for the first time since her 2022 Oscar drama Will Smith – and spoke briefly about the quarrel.

“What’s up, Boston?” Rock, 57, asked viewers during his Wednesday, March 30, comedy show at the Wilbur Theater in Boston, Massachusetts. “How was your weekend?”

The Big up The actor mentioned, “I’m still processing what happened” before continuing his routine. One eyewitness said exclusively Our weekly For that rock the audience “laughed a lot and it really cut the excitement”. The source added that it was a “great show”.

After standing and receiving greetings, the comedian said, “You all look at me foggy.” He then mentioned that his show was written before the incident and, according to insiders, did not bring it up directly after the rock.

On Sunday, March 27, Rock returned to his standup roots, just days after the 53-year-old Smith made headlines for his mid-Oscar feud.

Chris Rock jokes during 1st standup gig post Smith will slap Oscar

Chris Rock insets with Will Smith. Shutterstock (2)

Rock was spotted at the venue early Wednesday, March 27, just days after he was headlined for his mid-Oscar feud with 53-year-old Smith.

During the 94th Annual Academy Awards, Rock made waves when he joked about the excitement. Jada Pinkett Smith In a potential GI Jane Sequel, refers to his shaved head. Pinkett Smith, who was vocal about alopecia, rolled her eyes during the broadcast, but Jab annoyed her husband even more.

The Fresh Prince of Bell-Air Alum jumped on stage during the broadcast and slapped Rock in the face before returning to his seat. Smith then yelled at the comedian, “Keep my wife’s name out of your mouth.”

Although the source said exclusively Our weekly On Monday, March 28, the vibe in the audience immediately faded after it became clear that Smith’s aggression was not part of the show. The cast, however, gave the Philadelphia Native a standing ovation when he later took home the Best Actor award for his role. King Richard.

During his acceptance speech, Smith apologized to the academy and his co-stars, but did not address Rock directly after the altercation. “Love will force you to do crazy things,” he said Wild Wild West Actor Dr.

Smith later publicly apologized for his actions via a social media statement. “All forms of violence are toxic and destructive,” he wrote on Monday. “My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and unforgivable.”

Chris Rock jokes during 1st standup gig post Smith will slap Oscar

Chris Rock arrives at the Wilbur Theater before a performance in Boston, Center, March 30, 2022. Michael Dwyer / AP / Shutterstock

The Hitch The star then instructed her to apologize Live Saturday night alum, wrote, “I was out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions do not indicate who I am There is no place for violence in the world of love and compassion. ”

Although Smith took ownership of Rock’s comments for his response, multiple sources said Us Wednesday that Black men The actor did not communicate personally Madagascar Oscar-winning star.

Despite the uncomfortable situation, Rock has decided to concentrate on his tour, a second insider said. Us. “He’s moving forward and waiting for his upcoming gigs,” the source said.

South Carolina locals have even seen an increase in ticket sales for him Ego Death World TourAccording to StubHub, which reported 25 times the daily sales of rock shows after the award show drama.

The academy, for their part, has released several statements about the quarrel and launched an official review of what happened on Sunday. “Things have unfolded in a way that we could not have guessed,” they said in a statement on Wednesday, referring to the Associated Press. “While we want to make it clear that Mr Smith was asked to leave the event and was rejected, we also acknowledge that we could have handled the situation differently.”

The agency called Smith’s actions “deeply tragic” and apologized to Rock for what he felt during the presentation. “Thank you [Chris] For your resilience in that moment, ”the academy continued. “We also apologize to our nominees, guests and spectators for what should have been a celebration.”

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