Cindy Crawford wore the Dua Lipper Versus dress at the 1992 VMA

Cindy Crawford wore the Dua Lipper Grammys vs. Bondage dress 30 years ago.
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Then wow! Two lipas Stunned on the 2022 Grammys red carpet in a vintage vs. gown – indeed, she topped our list of best dresses – but the singer was not the first A-list star to rock a sexy frock.

Super model Cindy Crawford She dressed from the Italian fashion house’s iconic Miss S&M collection to the 1992 MTV VMA when she was the host of MTV’s House of Style. She paired the publisher gown with glam, which became synonymous with 90s style – sculpted eyebrows and brown lipstick.

The first corseted number shown by designer Gianni Versace five years before her death includes a transparent booster with strap fastening, accented by gold bark and a liquid skirt. Lipa accessorized the look with a bunch of gold chains, necklaces and bracelets, while Crawford wore a red ribbon to acknowledge the HIV / AIDS crisis.

Both showed enviable maneuvers to complement the strappy bodies of the archival piece. Crawford’s famous locks were styled with a bowfant body on the hairline in his trademark half-update, while Lipa made a new platinum color debut with visible roots. Its center-split, straight, waist-length locks are channeled Donatella VersesSign it.

However, the two stars shared the moment on Instagram. Lipa posted a caption to a series of photos and videos from the 2022 red carpet: 1992 কিছুটা Something from Versace. Crawford showed a picture of himself from the 64th anniversary event in 1992, referring to the timeless nature of fashion with a swipe of a prayer lipper.

The stars have flocked to comment on Crawford’s post, in which Donatella Versace says: Absolutely timeless !!, when the mega-stylist Rachel JoeIncludes nine fire emojis.

However, this particular Versace costume is not a reminder of the style of the 56-year-old ‘hova’ writer. In a 2017 Vogue video, Crawford takes viewers on a 360-degree tour of his closet, with the costume in front and in the center. He reveals that he saw the dress on the Versace Runway, Was “obsessed with it” and asked to borrow it, noting that the style had become very memorable and “made an impression.” It certainly did on his daughter Kaiya GarbarAs the beauty entrepreneur goes on to say, “Of course now this is the kind of outfit that is like Kaiya ‘where you hide that I want that outfit,”

Apparently Garbar liked the look so much, he chose to channel the moment for his 18th birthday party. For clothes at the new The Edition Hotel. In York City on September 6, 2019, the model wore a mini look inspired by the iconic dress, while Crawford wore a gold jumpsuit. Garber even played a neo-modern version of her mother’s epic hairstyle. Now imitate that as the most sincere form of flattery!

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