Cleary Shearer of Home Edit has breast cancer, surgery is underway

Home Editor Cleary Shearer reveals that she has had breast cancer and is undergoing surgery

Clea Shearer. Courtesy of Clea Shearer / Instagram

Sharing his story. Clea Shearer Trying to stay positive after learning in February that she has breast cancer.

The co-founder of Home Edit, 40, revealed her diagnosis on social media on Thursday, April 7, hoping to help others notice the warning signs.

“I have breast cancer. It’s hard to say, but it’s easier said than done. ” “I’m having a double mastectomy tomorrow (prayer is welcome!), And I wanted to say a few words before I did.”

Home Editor Cleary Shearer reveals that she has had breast cancer and is undergoing surgery

Clea Shearer. Courtesy of Clea Shearer / Instagram

The Organize with home edit The star explained that she found a lump in her breast in the last week of February. She revealed that she changed course to get better medical care after trying to make an appointment “for several months” with her obstetrician-gynecologist (OB-GYN).

“I had to request a mammogram from my general practitioner, which resulted in an ultrasound and then an emergency triple biopsy,” he explained.

The professional organizer told his followers that he had finally learned that he had two tumors, one centimeter each. She was then diagnosed with stage 1 mammalian carcinoma.

“[They] Aggressive and fast-paced – but I caught it early, “Shearer continued, noting that” if I hadn’t taken it upon myself, I’d be in a completely different situation now. “

Netflix personality, who works alongside the partner Joanna TeplinHe described his “personal choice to make it public” as sharing his story, saying “it makes cancer seem purposeful.”

Shearer explains that if her own battle with cancer is to “persuade someone to self-examine on a regular basis, self-advocate always and prioritize your health over your busy schedule – it will make some sense.”

The Home Edit Workbook The co-author noted that he was less than 40 years old when the tumor formed. She revealed that she had “no history” of breast cancer in her family.

“Even if cancer seems impossible, it is very possible,” he wrote, before realizing his initial passion for diagnosis. “I have to admit, for the first few days, I was suffering from a ‘why’. But quickly, I start thinking, ‘Honestly, why not me ?!’ “

The California resident realized that she has a much better chance of fighting breast cancer than women in many other ways, so she is looking to the bright side.

“I have all the support, resources and a platform to help other people through it. So if someone has to have breast cancer, I will gladly let it happen, ”she concluded. “Thank you for being on this journey. I love our community, and you mean more to me than you know. ️ “

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