Courtney Taylor was spotted at the bar where she was inside the house after a blood-soaked look

It’s been a week since Toby Obumselli, a 27-year-old Christian, was stabbed to death. Over the past few days, he has questioned his past use of social media, footage of his girlfriend Courtney Taylor covered in blood and no. Real Reply from Miami Police in the case. Now, a leaked video gives an insight into Courtney’s recent position – and she’s not sitting in a holding cell or mental hospital.

Courtney visited a bar

The video clip lasts about 30 seconds. But enough time to see Courtney sitting in a bar wearing gray, army fatig pants, a jean jacket and beige cap. Her father was also present. According to TMZ, One woman recorded the video on Friday night. The woman saw Courtney inside the lobby area of ​​Miami’s Grand Beach Hotel – about 13 miles from where the Christian was stabbed on April 3.

At the beginning of the video, Courtney is seen holding the hand of her standing father as she turns away from the camera. The filming woman is heard exchanging words with both the influential and the father. Apparently they told her to stop recording, but the woman refused. Instead she said “yes you should go because you just killed your boyfriend” when Courtney and her father started to leave.

Courtney’s attorney has demanded self-defense

TMZ Frank confirmed Prieto as Courtney’s attorney, who also confirmed that Courtney was at the bar with her father. But, the lawyer claims that the story is wrong to the public.

Public allegations of murder

But despite this claim by Courtney and her lawyer, the public has swallowed another theory. Many people, including friends of both Courtney and Christian, have accused the social media influencer of killing Christian. But the police have No. His name as suspect. Miami authorities have not provided any updates. It remained after the viral footage showed Courtney soaked in Christian blood. His face, arms, chest, abdomen and upper half of his pants were covered in blood.

As previously reported, Miami police responded to a domestic dispute call on April 3. When they get there, they see Christian “suffering from an apparent stab wound.” After emergency workers took Christian to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, he died of his injuries.

At the time, the report said, a woman was detained at the scene, taken for questioning, but later threatened with suicide. At that point, he was “put on a psychiatric hold” for an alleged mental health assessment.

Now, a few days later, Courtney seems to be a free woman. The Miami Police Department is silent. And the charge? They can’t be found anywhere.

This is a developing story.

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