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Showtime hit drama Yellow jacket A multi-generational story that touches on the hints of man-eating and supernatural. For co-creator Ashley Lyle, it’s a universal story of flawed women. The show tells a parallel story about a high school football team surviving a plane crash in 1996 and surviving to the present day as adults.

“Our goal was to embrace this lofty concept that would suck people up and use it to disguise our stories about women,” Lyle told a deadline contestant panel at Paramount Studios on Saturday.

As a surviving Shawna, Melanie Linsky said that we had just seen the beginning of the unveiling of her character. Shawna started a relationship and killed a rabbit in Season 1. Linsky also said he was ready to take a break after having a baby but Yellow jacket It was very good to pass.

“I love that I’m playing the role of someone who is a simple housewife on the surface, and then goes in many directions,” Linsky said. “There is still a long way to go. I think the first strand of wool has been pulled from the top of the shawl and there is much more to do. ”

Towny Cypress played the adult character Taisa who is now a political candidate. He also sees dark possibilities in the show’s 1996 flashback.

“I read it and I saw horrible elements in the pilot episode,” Cypress said. “I’m such a horror fan. I just thought, ‘God, it would be a dream to be able to do something like this.’ Not only did he represent the jersey but he also had the trauma of the characters. It was too much then to empty the horrible elements on top of it. “

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Karin Kusama was the pilot Yellow jacket. Together with creators Lyle and Bert Nickerson, Kusama set the template for balancing the two timelines of the show.

“We hoped the effects of the time slip were almost invisible,” Kusama said. “Similarly the message of the series was that if you don’t process the past, it carries the present with you. So the idea was that we were moving almost smoothly between those two periods. I think we talked about it creatively too early. “

Lyle didn’t want to use a clich মতো like a filter in a 1996 scene. His hope is that viewers will follow both stories with equal investment.

“Both stories are in the present tense,” Lyle said. “They’re sort of unfolding in tandem. Obviously, there are real events in the story but for these characters, they are being revealed simultaneously. I’m hopeful we’ve created a show where both timelines are equally compelling. “

Showtimes have been updated Yellow jacket For the second season.

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