Critics slam “waste of money” – deadlines

The linear relaunch of BBC Three, the broadcaster’s TV channel dedicated to young viewers, has become a flop brand and, after its £ 80 million relaunch, is a complete waste of money.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Fast and farmer-ish, Mood And Obsessed with Killing EveNone of which could cross the 50,000 mark. Rupel’s drag race The channel is currently the only reliable Big Heater, a disappointing result for the channel after its £ 80 million relaunch in February.

Conservative MP Nigel Mills says: “It’s a common BBC – to throw public money into projects with little plan or concern about the consequences.” This issue needs to be reconsidered immediately. It’s a waste of money. “

BBC Three has had a rollercoaster history of highs and lows since its launch in 2003, accusing it of reflecting and stimulating the diversity of the UK and reaching out to viewers, especially those aged 16-34.

When the channel moved online in February 2016, many producers protested, saying it would be harder for young viewers to find new, new jobs for TV viewers, but the BBC Trust cited specific evidence in favor of the move showing that younger viewers were watching more content online. And low linear TV. The report at the time said that the move would save BBC Digital around 30 30 million, meaning it could be turned back into more powerful content on other channels.

Since moving to digital, the BBC has enjoyed some high-profile victories, including the mega hits of Phoebe Waller-Bridge Flabag Is debuting on the channel as well Killing EveAnd during the first lockdown of 2020, Sally Rooney’s small screen adaptation was enhanced by tuning in to a huge audience. Ordinary people.

The channel has since moved on, with the BBC announcing in March 2021 that it would re-broadcast BBC Three on a double budget – hoping to attract a wider audience younger than the streamers, especially the lower socio-economic groups, and with less access to streaming services. Living in some parts of the UK.

The U-turn was backed by regulator Ofcom, but Julian Knight, MP, chairman of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee, and other critics questioned the wisdom of spending money to try to attract “one step back”. Young visitors. A recent YouGov survey found that one in 20 people between the ages of 18 and 30 watch the BBC television channel live every day.

Conservative MP John Redwood asked on Twitter at the time: “The BBC says they are short of money. Then why are they opening? BBC3?

A BBC spokesman said the recent election selection figures were quoted “misleadingly since millions of people tuned in to the show on the broadcast channel” and added: “We do not judge a show by an overnight rating. It doesn’t reflect because there are often multiple opportunities to watch, both broadcast and online. “

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