Dating Christine Cavalli, ‘open’ to another child in divorce

'Ready for a relationship' and 'open to one more child' after Kristin Cavallari J. Cutler's divorce

Christine Cavallari attends the 76th Annual Golden Globe Awards on January 6, 2019 in Los Angeles. Rob Latur / Shutterstock

Opening. Christine Cavallari It was real when fans asked her about her personal life as her divorce Jay Cutler Keep going, and they all wanted to know about one thing – dating.

Sunday, April 2 Laguna Beach alum, 35, opened a question-and-answer session on her Instagram story. “You’re not so funny. That’s the number one question for me,” he said when asked if he’s back in the dating game.

He continued, “I’ve honestly needed the last 2 years to work through some heavy things. I’ve dated a little here and there but no one is serious. I’ve finally come to a place where I’m ready for a relationship.”

Since he and Cutler announced their separation in April 2020, Cavalry has joined the comedian. Jeff Dye And singer Chase the rice. Summer houseOf Craig Conver A source close to Cavalry denied the allegations, claiming they had hooked up Our weekly In February

So, is she currently dating? Cavalli refuses to answer yes or no. “I realize he didn’t really answer that question,” she wrote in her Instagram story on Saturday. “Let’s just say this: when you’re finally able to close a chapter completely, what you start to draw is amazing.”

As for what he is looking for in a potential partner, ex Very cavalry The star said she wanted to be his “rock” in life. He wants “someone who feels very comfortable in their own skin who is stable and not doing anything on their own. I want a good, sweet person.”

The business woman added that she was trying to avoid a certain kind. “Thank you so much I ended up with Narcissist A-Hole,” Cavallari said.

Although she is not necessarily planning on having more children, she will not mind expanding her family. “My life feels very full with my 3 butts,” he wrote. “I’ll be open for one more.”

The True comfort The author shares with her ex-husband son Camden, 9, and Jackson, 7, and daughter Cellar, 6. He and former Chicago Bears quarterback share custody of the trio.

Although Cavalli and Cutler’s marriage did not last long, the founder of the unusual James is still hoping to walk the aisle again. “I still believe very much in marriage and I have made tremendous progress in the last 2 years so I will enter into a new relationship as a different person which will really tempt me,” he explained.

The jewelry designer had even a little advice for anyone leaving a toxic relationship. “It simply came to our notice then. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions. It took me literally 2 years to fully recover, ”he said.

When she’s apparently calling her marriage to Cutler “poisonous,” she can’t help but feel the same way.

An insider exclusively said, “Jay still has a lot of hang ups on Christine.” Us In March. “She still has a lot of love for him and he doesn’t want things to be as they are.”

The source added, “They are reading well – he just wants them to stay together … he cares deeply about her.”

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