David Foster praises Katherine McPhee’s ‘fantastic’ parenting skills

Catherine McPhee A natural! One year after welcoming son Renee, David Foster He is roaring about how proud he is of his wife’s guardianship.

“She’s a wonderful mother,” says the composer, 72 Entertainment tonight Wednesday, April 6th.[She’s] An amazing mother. “

The Grammy winner called their 13-month-old parenthood a “great” experience, adding, “We’re having a great time.”

David Foster Catherine McPhee praises parenting skills

Catherine McPhee and Renee Courtesy of Katherine McPhee / Instagram

The American Idol alum, 38, agrees. “[I’m] It’s a lot of fun, “said the singer. “It’s great to just be a mom. I love it. I mean, last night was a little rough.” Because it’s a moment that won’t last forever. So from my point of view, I just cherish it. “

When Foster joked that the Los Angeles native “let their baby boy cry for three hours,” he replied, “You know, hard love.”

The actress became a parent in February 2021, when Canada welcomed five daughters before the Native – Alison, 52, Amy, 48, Sarah, 41, Erin, 39, and Jordan, 35.

Sarah and Erin have admired their stepmother over the years, saying exclusively Our weekly In September 2019 that they “really truly love” Crushed alum

“Coming into a family as a fifth wife and having an older adult daughter and doing it in a way that really creates inclusion in the family, and she does it effortlessly,” Erin explained. Us At times, “he makes it really easy for us all to move on. So we are very grateful for that. ”

Two months later, Barely famous Alam calls his father and McPhee “the perfect couple” in an interview. Us. In November 2021, Erin said, “I don’t think they ever fought. That’s beautiful. “

The month after David posted the postpartum bikini picture, when McPhee was criticized, he captioned it, “What baby?” Erin even took steps to defend The comfort of the country Star

In December 2021, he wrote via Instagram, “If I can accept my honest mother to look like this, you must be able to.” “The picture [my dad posted of her] No alterations or filters, and no surgery. You can’t shame someone for feeling beautiful after a baby is sharing a stretch mark or a six pack. Let him live. “

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