Deadline for delivery to the French main superproduct group

Exclusive: French major SuperProud Group’s distribution arm Superheroes to buy Emmy Award-winning pre-school series Go! Go! Corey Carson Worldwide

Created by former Pixar executives Alex Woo and Stanley Moore, the show debuted on Netflix two years ago and has 84 episodes, including three seasonal specials and a mini-movie.

Go! Go! Corey Carson Following the title character, a friendly and intriguing orange car learns to navigate the winding streets of childhood with the help of her sister Chrissy, friends and family in Bumparton Hills.

Based on Vitek’s Go! Go! Smart Wheels won three 2021 Emmy for Outstanding Management Team for a Preschool Animated Program, Outstanding Editing for a Preschool Animated Program, and Outstanding Visual Achievement in Animation. Wu, Moore and Tim Hann’s Cuckoo Studios have been produced alongside SuperProduce Studios, the production arm of Superites, and the deal marks the first agreement between VTech, a Paris-based clothing and electronics learning products company.

Go! Go! Corey Carson We have a special place in our hearts as we begin production at SuperProduce Studios, and we’ve seen it grow, “said Nathalie Pinguet, Deputy General Manager, Superites. “It’s an amazingly beautiful event and its storytelling reaches an emotional level that warms the hearts of both children and parents.”

Superrights also include major children’s show distributions Pat the Dog, Anna and friends And Adventures of the Little Penguin.

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