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Exclusive: Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with bestselling environmentalist Thomas Kostigen to write Cool Food: Delete your carbon footprint one bite at a time. The book was acquired by Josh Stanton, President / CEO of Blackstone Publishing. The actor / producer and Kostigen have planned a book that they say will provide a smart, accessible and game-changing roadmap for choosing climate-resolving foods. The deal marks Downey Jr.’s first major non-fiction book, best known for his iconic roles as Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, and his partnership with wife Susan Downey on the Team Downey production label. Downey Jr. leaned towards nutrition from the start of his Marvel race to prepare for the rigors of that role. While Hollywood is busy cutting the carbon footprint, making it through food seems like an innovative sacrifice.

Thomas Kostigen
Courtesy Blackstone Publishing

“We don’t need a handshake, a fad diet, or a total shame for the future of our best global food পরিবর্তন just a change of perspective to discover a lot of solutions from a simple perspective,” said Downey Jr. “With the strong ground control of Costigen and Blackstone in the cockpit, it should be an effective adventure. Join us. “

Kostigen said: “As the great yogi Berar once said, ‘the future is not what it used to be.’ Increasingly, we are presented with a bad climate forecast. Cool Food shows how we can change that perspective for the better by keeping an eye on foods that make different choices in grocery stores, try something new on restaurant menus, and store more carbon in the soil without polluting. The wind. “

The deal was negotiated between Stanton and Rick Blewes, Blackstone’s head of new business development, and Susan Ryhofer, a mail burger at David Black Agency’s WME. Downey, Jr. represented WME and Hansen, Jacobson, Taylor. Kostigen is represented by Lighthouse Management and Media, CAA and Felker Tokjek.

Blackstone CEO Stanton confirmed the deal, saying the publisher was “proud to partner with Robert Downey Jr. and Thomas Kostigen to publish this important book that shows how we, as individuals, can make a big impact on the foods we like to eat.” “Cool Food provides us with a readily available roadmap with practical steps to reduce our carbon footprint — and, led by the brilliant and fun Downey Jr. and Costigen, readers are sure to have a lot of fun learning.”

Downey Jr. and Kostigen will provide precise information on how to make a carbon-free diet and break their own adoption on the example of their cold food. The pair will take readers through the adventures they embarked on which will unveil a 360º story about where these foods are grown and sold – overseas, local produce, and huge wholesale markets, and simple and Michelin-star restaurants where They are also served

In 2019, Downey Jr. founded The Footprint Coalition, a business and nonprofit focused solely on adopting sustainable technology and scaling. Kostigen has been writing about climate change for the past two decades.

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