Description of Mary Osmond’s first slipover with granddaughter Rocket

Quality time with grandmother! Mary Osmond Her granddaughter invited Rocket for her first sleepover – and the two had an adorable time together.

“My granddaughter Rocket asked her mother if she could sleep with her grandmother (this would be the first time she would be away from her mother! 😉).” Unexpected The singer, 62, wrote ইনস্ট via Instagram on Sunday, March 27th “He was very brave, and we had lots of activity throughout the day.”

When it came time to go to sleep, the 6-year-old rocket panicked a little. “When night came, he missed his mother!” The Dancing with the Stars alum writes, he added to the movie Song in the rain To encourage her, the film’s song “Make The Jump” “just made her laugh,” but the scene in which Lina (Jean Hagen) tried to shake off her Brooklyn accent was the biggest hit.

“We’ve played it over and over again,” Osmond wrote. “We planted more than flowers that day; We also planted memories. “

Description of Mary Osmond's adorable 1st slipover with granddaughter Rocket
Courtesy of Marie Osmond / Instagram

The Grammy nominee shares eight children with her husband, Steve CraigWhom he remarried in 2011.

The Behind the laughter The author likes to be a grandmother to Rocket and her other grandchildren, especially when she can help with childcare. “I know what it’s like to be a working mother,” she said Nearby In January. “And even a single mother. So when my daughters are overwhelmed, or my daughter-in-law is overwhelmed, it feels good.”

The family provides inspiration for many things in Osmond’s life, including his dedication to staying fit. In 2019, she revealed that her children told her to lose a few pounds because they were worried about her health.

“They’re very sweet,” he said Daily message At times “it’s hard when you have to work. I was the provider, so for my kids to understand this and love me and care enough about me to say, ‘Mom, you’re dying, we need you. Please lose weight. ‘

The former Marie The host lost 50 pounds 15 years ago with the help of the nutritional system. “The nutrition system has taught me that food is my friend, not my enemy,” Osmond said. Nearby In January. “You can eat whatever you like, but make healthy choices and understand portion control and eating frequency so you can eat food and not starve.”

Now the former Broadway star can eat “a little extra” on the holidays, but for the most part, he tries to figure out how well he feels when he’s on track. “Above all, don’t think of it as a weight loss journey or diet or anything else,” he explained. “Just think of it as healthy. Because that’s the truth for me. “

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