Director Michael Bay Comments Will Smith Oscar Slap – Deadline

Transformers Director Michael Bay wasn’t watching the Oscars so he missed out on everything that went down, including the moment when the best actor on the Oscar stage, Will Smith, slapped Chris Rock in the face.

Due to Bay’s history with Smith (worked) Bad boys 1 and 2), The director was flooded with text about the incident and many aimed to get his thoughts on the matter. While promoting his new film Ambulance, he had some thoughts about what happened.

“First of all, it’s a mistake to start with,” Bay tells us while promoting his latest action, Bank Hist-Gone-Wrong thriller. Ambulance (See above). “It simply came to our notice then. And I don’t really care. Hollywood is really self-absorbed. The children are exploding there Ukraine We should talk about it right now. ”

After working with Smith, Bay had something positive to say about the actor, known as one of Hollywood’s best celebrities.

“I’ve worked with him, he’s not the guy,” said Bay, who, like many people, thought the slap was a comedy bit until he saw Smith screaming from his seat at the rock. “I have never seen him lose his composure like this. I thought it was set up because I saw smiles, and I was set when Will screwed with people, when he made fun of people. “

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